It has often been said that we at ATM have our own language. So, to be sure you, our faithful Twilight-loving readers, can understand our gibberish, we are compiling a Twictionary full of terms we use on a regular basis. Check back often as this anthology will continue to grow. And if you see a word in a post that doesn’t make sense but isn’t here, send us a comment and remind us to add it! (Unless it’s obvs a typo, that’s just rude.)

Twiabetic: A rabid fan who must have Twilight fixes on a regular basis, lest he/she go into a Twiabetic coma.

Twiabetic Coma: (See: Twiabetic)

Taking one’s coffee Jacob: Black, no cream.

Pulling an Alice: Calling something that happens before it happens.

Twi-partment: A department of a store devoted to Twilight. (ie: the Twi-partment at Wal-Mart)

James-ing: Tracking something down. Following something closely.

Twi-site: A website devoted to Twilight. For instance, us!

Twi-itter: The use of Twitter by (possible) Twilight stars, or a Twitter posting by anyone mentioning Twilight.

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