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The New Moon Drinking Game

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We’ve been blog mum on New Moon for two reasons: 1. we want you guys to make your own decisions and not be swayed by how we at ATWIM feel (it’s the best freaking movie ever!!!…oops, I’ve said to much), and 2. we’ve been so busy seeing it over and over again that there really hasn’t been time to write. (Did I mention how freaking awesome it is?? Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Per-fection.)

However, it has come time to post what we like to tell ourselves is the most anticipated New Moon-related item to hit the net since the debut of that weird girlie Jacob doll: ladies and gentlemen, may we present you…THE NEW MOON DRINKING GAME.

Now, due to the popularity of The Twilight Drinking Game, this one is a little different. Word got out about us and our mad drinking game-making skills, so a few cast members contacted us to help with rules of their own. (Rob and Kristen called, but K just kind of stammered through some long-winded rule and Rob spent the whole phone chat being self-depricating so we had to drop their submissions.) Fortunately, our friends Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campbell Bower were there to lend a hand…and help each and every one of you get good and sloshed. 

First, our rules. I, Co-Creator A, went to see New Moon (for the third time) by myself with notebook in hand to come up with these rules, for you, our loving readers. I’m pretty sure the few other people in the theater at 2PM on a Wednesday thought I was crazy. And I am. CRAZY FOR THE NEW MOON DRINKING GAME!

*NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for anyone who gets in trouble playing or attempting to play the New Moon drinking game. Also, if you’re going to get wasted at the movie theater, be sure to bring a designated driver. We recommend someone responsible like Angela Webber. A Mike Newton type is a little too much of a gamble.*

That said, here’s how the game is played. Add your favorite alcoholic beverage to your reasonably priced (ahem) movie theater soda and keep your cup close at hand. (Once the film is on DVD, the game gets a lot more convenient.) Whenever one of the following things happens, you MUST drink. Note: some variations are designed for hardcore drinking game players only. Feel free to make your own variations to avoid puking like a “marshmallow.”


1. This is a pre-film rule: drink for every preview of a film about letters that stars Amanda Seyfried. Seriously. You’ll be drunk before the opening credits. (Though there really aren’t opening credits, are there?)

2. Drink whenever someone takes a picture. Bella, Alice, Angela, etc.

3. Ok, now this one could mean you get dragged out of the theater on a stretcher, but give it a shot (no pun intended): drink everytime there’s plaid on screen. This is for every separate piece of plaid. For instance, in the cafeteria, Mike is wearing plaid, but so are a few of the extras in the background. Drink for each. (If you really want to get crazy, drink for the plaid curtains in Bella’s house.)

4. Drink when Edward gets out of the Volvo at school and walks towards Bella looking like something out of a wet dream. (Seriously, no matter how many times I see the movie, I gasp audibly when I see him.)

5. Drink every time Emmett says something so goofy it’s hot. Which is every time he speaks.

6. Drink every time a line from Twilight is repeated. For instance, when Alice says, “it’s time” or when Bella tells Charlie to be careful and he says, ” always am.”

7. Drink every time a line that’s so random, dated or dumb that it rivals “spider monkey” is uttered. ie: When Jake calls Bella “loca” or when Bella asks Emmett not to “hate the truck.” Or when Jess says “homeboy could have been a psycho.” Or when Jake says “age is just a number, baby.” You get the idea.

8. Drink when you get dizzy from the spinning in the scene where Bella’s lying on the forest floor. (Cause you know you do. I actually have to look away. Alcohol should help that.)

9. Drink when you see Sam come to save Bella in wolf form…because he looks like an animatronic Snuffleupagus. Moments later, drink again when Sam, Harry Clearwater and Jake exchange a silent look that rivals those on an episode of The Hills. 

10. Drink for Jessica’s amazing zombie rant. We heart Anna Kendrick. 

11. In the scene where Bella falls off the motorcycle drink two times: once when Jake does his fancy maneuver to get off his own bike and then when he shamelessly removes his shirt. You knew we were gonna say that one, didn’t you?

12. Drink when Mike Newton says “gotta get that pwotein in thew” in his baby talk voice. 

13. Drink for the Burger King product placement in the movie theater scene. 

14. (This is a good one!) Drink every time Bella cock teases Jake and they almost kiss. Such a tease, Bells!

15. Drink whenever the wolf pack makes their weird greeting noise. “Oooohheeeeee!”

16. Drink every time someone other than Bella drives her truck.

17. Drink whenever someone speaks a language that’s not English, but no translation is offered. (ie: Jacob or the Volturi.)

18. Drink during the amazingly funny, awkward and creepy elevator scene in Italy. Genius!

19. Whether you love it or hate it, drink for Alice’s Breaking Dawn premonition. (We love it!)

20. Drink for every Cullen that votes yes. 

Ok, now that you’re good and tipsy, it’s time for the celeb rules. We’ll start with Peter Facinelli (who also kindly offered us a Twilight Drinking Game rule—complete with Rob anticdote). Peter said: “For New Moon, every time you see Carlisle in a scarf, you can drink. That would be basically every scene I’m in.” (Editor’s note: we’re counting the dickie he wears when he’s with the Volturi.) 

Next, Jamie Campbell Bower, who, BTW, thought the game was a fantastic idea. We’re also pretty sure he’d play with us any day of the week. And drink us under the table. His rule was: “Every time Dakota Fanning does something incredibly frightening, which is just about every scene she is in.”

And finally, Edi Gathegi, who took this game very seriously. He even changed his rule five minutes after giving us his initial idea. Here’s how the conversation went down: “If the rule was for my character, you’d be sober the whole time, so how about every time Taylor is shirtless in a frame. Not in a scene, in a frame. So if they cut to Taylor, then cut to Kristen, then cut back to Taylor, drink both times [he’s on screen].” A few minutes later after hearing Jamie’s idea, Edi changed his mind:

Edi: Mine promotes alcoholism, I want to change it. How about every time someone is shirtless? Not in frames, just in scenes. Every time you see pecs.

Jamie: Nipple?

Edi: No, just pecs. Man cleave. And that’s for everyone. Not just Taylor. 

So, ATWIM readers, you heard the man. Drink every time you see man cleavage. And that includes Laurent’s under his blazer. We think Edi would want it that way.


The OC Connection

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With time on her hands, a need to occupy herself until 11:59PM on Nov. 19 and an apathy for work that develops whenever it rains here in Atlanta (which is about as often as it rains in Forks), A has been checking back in with her old friends in Newport. (For those of you who have moved beyond 2004, that’s where The OC takes place.) And in reconnecting with Ryan, Seth (sigh), Marissa and Summer, she’s discovered some crazy Twi-connections. Despite the fact that Forks is the wettest place in the continental U.S. and it never rains in Southern California.

We all know that Cam, Jackson and Nikki appeared on the show (though I stopped watching when Marissa died, so I haven’t actually seen most of those eps. Luckily, my friend Netflix will be sending them to me soon.), but the OC Connection goes much MUCH deeper. 



Ryan, I don't recommend pissing off James.


Exhibit A: The co-executive producer of The OC is no stranger to producing for network television. She’s also no stranger to Twihards. Ladies and gentlemen of the proverbial jury, may I present Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

Exhibit B: Death Cab for Cutie penned “Meet Me on the Equinox” to perfectly portray (that was a lot of alliteration, nice work, A!) the heartbreaking breakup (spoiler alert? meh…) of Edward and Bella. But who was the original Death Cab fan? Seth Cohen! If it wasn’t for him, dare we say Death Cab wouldn’t be the household name it is today.

Exhibit C: Ok, so this one isn’t exactly Twilight-related, but it’s connected. Both Paul Wesley and Kayla Ewell of The Vampire Diaries appeared on The OC. The fact that Paul showed up in Orange County in 2003 and is now on the Vamp Diaries 6 years later proves he may actually be 17 forever. Good casting, CW!

And finally, and in what might be the most convincing connection of all, Exhibit D: Rachel Bilson who played Summer broke up with Adam Brody who played Seth (why on earth would you break up with Seth Cohen in real life?? Seriously!) and got engaged to Hayden Christensen, whom for the record, A does not find attractive. At all. That said, he’s how she pictured Edward while reading the books. And oddly, she still pictures EC that way despite her intense sexual attraction to Rob. It’s kind of sad, really. Point being, he’s the final connection in the OC/Twilight web. It’s like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but without Kevin Bacon. But if you give me a few minutes, I’ll find a way to tie him in, too.

Can you think of any more OC connections? Post them in the comments!

Oh! Oh! Kevin Bacon was in Footloose, which is being remade with Chace Crawford. Chace Crawford stars on Gossip Girl which was created by Josh Schwartz who created The OC! And how is that related to Twilight you ask? Umm, did you NOT just read this post?!

Now She’s Just Messing With Us…

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So you know the Bracelet-gate theory, Twi-hards: After their alleged rendezvous-es (most notably post Twi-Conn), KStew and RPattz like to swap this black bracelet. (If that’s what they’re really doing, we gotta say it’s kinda LAME!) Anyhoo, we have thought from the beginning they were doing it to mess with the press (and the devoted Robsten supporters), and now we think we were right all along. To make it even more frustrating for us playing along at home, KStew rocked about a thousand of the darn things last night at the Teen Choice Awards. Touche, Stewart. Touche.


Wonder where Rob was hiding his last night. Hehehe.

Wonder where Rob was hiding his last night. Hehehe.

More on our TCA thoughts later. It’s a busy day at the ATWIM offices! Working on some drinking game quotes…keep your fingers crossed!!

Sweet Things

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In what could be the worst timing ever, Co-Creator A finally found the New Moon chocolate candies at her local Blockbuster…on the first day of her new diet. Committed to both fitness and the Twilight Saga, A purchased them, but has yet to try them (enjoying the bouquet, while resisting the wine, if you will). She has added them to her random Twilight stuff collection, right next to the Twilight Sweethearts and across from the Edward doll M knit her for her birthday. (Add in a couple dozen cats and A is sounding like a helluva catch right about now!).

Anyhoo, we wondered if anyone has bitten into one of these bad boys (or bad girl)? If so, what do you think? Are they worth eating, or just fun to look at? Or play with? (They make for great puppets! Look at the way Edward longingly stares at Bella!) Weigh in Twi-hards….should A break her diet and take a bite?


Twi-abetics might wanna wait for the sugar free version.

Twi-abetics might wanna wait for the sugar-free version.

Peter Facinelli’s Twilight Drinking Game Amendment

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While she was on the phone with Peter Facinelli yesterday, Co-Creator A told him all about the Twilight Drinking Game we created for ATM. (He thought it was great, PS. Duh!) We asked if he’d be willing to give us a Carlisle-related drinking rule for New Moon. (He was, but you’ll have to wait for November for that one, Twi-hards. Ha!) This was his response:

“First, I gotta give you one for Twilight: Everytime I put my hand on Rob’s shoulder. Rob and I would joke about that all the time. In the script it was always like ‘Carlisle comes in, puts his hand on his son’s shoulder.’ So Rob and I would always laugh because I’d be like every time I come in, I’m supposed to put my hand on your shoulder…like that’s a fatherly gesture. And whenever I see Rob now, I put my hand on his shoulder and we laugh.”

Not only did Peter Facinelli give us TWO—count them, TWO—drinking game rules, he gave us an RPattz antecdote!! It was like winning the lottery three times in one day!


Peter teaches Kellan the rules of the game...

Peter teaches Kellan the rules of the game...

PS Co-Creator M obvs isn’t the only one with mad Photoshop skills! Ha!

The Twi-itter People (Part 1)

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It’s no secret that I, Co-Creator A, am a little crazy when it comes to Twilight. Yes, I have a giant Twilight movie poster hanging in my office. Yes, I have read the books at least 5 times each. Yes, my ultimate goal this year is to attend the convention and meet Emmett. Whatevs. Last week, while researching ‘The Twi-itter Wars (of the South)’ I came across a group of Twi-hards way crazier than myself. 

It should be mentioned that when I say crazy, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Not entirely anyway. Like I said, I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to my Twi-abetes, so to call the kettle black would make this pot a bit of a hypocrite. However, these fans are taking their obsessions WAY beyond anything I’ve ever done.

Remember back to simpler times. A time with no MySpace, no Facebook, no texting. When AOL was the hottest way to surf your 28.8k net and chat rooms were full of interesting people pretending to be celebrities (I still swear that girl I talked to in 1997 REALLY was Sarah Jessica Parker!). People would pseudo-converse in a pseudo-public forum and when their conversation needed to get a little more detailed, take it to an IM. Those who wanted to have detailed conversations with more than one person would go to private chats named  for oh-so-important topics, like singlefolksinAZ or ILuvSBTBthenewclass. The really intense ones would role play in their chat rooms. Wizards, knights, magicians, they all had their own private chats where they could really get down to the nitty gritty and talk as though they knew how to cast spells, save maidens and pull rabbits out of their virtual hats. We would read and we would laugh. What kind of person gets so crazy about fictional things that they pretend to be those fictional things online?

Enter the new private chat room: Twi-itter Role Players or TRPs. Like I said, I never meant to find this rare breed of Twi-hard. I was looking for celeb Twi-itter accounts and found Alice’s first. I laughed at the intense and questionably delusional things she tweeted to Jasper. For instance: *giggling, leaning down to kiss your neck* Gotcha! (FYI: When people use * to signify action, we start to worry. This is classic old-school AOL chat room behavior!) Anyway, I thought this stuff was fantastic (Co-Creator M was way more creeped out than I was. Doesn’t speak highly of me.) and immediately decided to follow all of them. Bella, Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Jacob, Emmett, Rose…they all have accounts! Even Renesmee has one!! It never ends!

Literally. They never shut up. Never! They’re always talking to each other. Always *doing some sort of action* or sending each other song lyrics. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever seen! These people must not have jobs…which makes me think they’re like 16. That would make sense anyway, since that’s how old I was the last time I *said I was doing some sort of action*. But as crazy as they are, I can’t stop following them! Which means that you, lucky ATWIM reader(s), get two days of Twi-itter role playing stories! So stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment, which is full of deceit, back-stabbing, adultery and, wait for it, Twitter sex.

The Twi-itter Wars (of the South)

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As you know, dear reader(s), one of our favorite activities is following the Twi-ittering community. Real or fake, we follow them to see what sort of crazy things they’ll say. And while we know for a fact that most are not real, we still like watching the shannanigans. Today, stuff went down in the Twi-itter world and we had a front row seat for all the drama! 

@KristenJStewart, which we’ve long known not to be the real Kristen, but have always wondered if it’s her PR team or assistant because of her constant MySpace promotion, suggested everyone stop following @DakotaFanning because she was a faker, telling us instead to follow @DakotaFanning9. Then, @DakotaFanning9 dropped a bomb: she is in fact the real Dakota, but @KristenJStewart is NOT the real KStew!! Gasp!

Then, she told us that the real Kristen is @KristenStewart9. (Evidently real Twilight stars put a 9 in their names.) She also told us that Rob was @pattinsonRT, Taylor is @officialTL, Anna Kendrick is @kendrickanna and Nikki Reed is @nhoustonreed (that’s one we hadn’t heard before!). These deets make us REALLY question new Dakota, since KStew and RPattz have long denied any Twitter involvement. 

So back to the battle. Dakota called out FakeKStew and FakeKStew responded, “F__k you! I was having fun pretending to be Kristen!” then she went on about how we were all suckers and that she is a big fan and wanted to support Kristen, etc. Wowza. Eventually, the profile was deleted, prompting Dakota to say, “That Kristen fake is deleted!” 

So now we’re all supposed to follow @KristenStewart9. A name that sounds remarkably similar to @DakotaFanning9. We’re thinking the two fakers were in cahoots and that this is all a rouse to get us to follow another fake KStew. Or the same one under a new name. (Our inquiries as to how fake KStew knew the “real” Dakota Fanning went unanswered.)

Meanwhile, we’ll follow all of our new @ Twilight friends and see what they have to say. If nothing else, we’re constantly entertained by the fakers (who must all know each other, because they all constantly tweet about how much they love candy, which is just weird.)

Stay tuned to ATWIM to keep on top of this ever-evolving story. And follow us at @AwesomeTM! (Seriously. We’re not a faker.)