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National Dog Day!

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It’s National Dog Day today! So don’t forget to hug your favorite werewolf! Or at least offer them breakfast in a homemade dog bowl!


Hug me, it's Dog Day!

Hug me, it's Dog Day!


Now She’s Just Messing With Us…

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So you know the Bracelet-gate theory, Twi-hards: After their alleged rendezvous-es (most notably post Twi-Conn), KStew and RPattz like to swap this black bracelet. (If that’s what they’re really doing, we gotta say it’s kinda LAME!) Anyhoo, we have thought from the beginning they were doing it to mess with the press (and the devoted Robsten supporters), and now we think we were right all along. To make it even more frustrating for us playing along at home, KStew rocked about a thousand of the darn things last night at the Teen Choice Awards. Touche, Stewart. Touche.


Wonder where Rob was hiding his last night. Hehehe.

Wonder where Rob was hiding his last night. Hehehe.

More on our TCA thoughts later. It’s a busy day at the ATWIM offices! Working on some drinking game quotes…keep your fingers crossed!!

It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

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It goes without saying that Twilight Saga film shooting time is the best time! We’re inundated with daily images of our favorite plaid-wearing hipster cast wandering the streets of Vancouver. (Question: does everyone wander around Vancouver like that? Is it really that walkable of a city?) 

We have a fantastic post in the wings for tomorrow (if we do say so ourselves), but today, let us all rejoice in the daily pap offerings. 

Oh, and Rob in the Porsche coming from “Kristen’s house”? Not buying it! Not buying it ONE bit! There’s no bracelet!!


First it's his...

First it's his...


...then it's hers!

...then it's hers!

Bitter, Party of 1

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So while all this Rachelle drama goes down, we’re keeping a low profile and watching the action from the sidelines. (Though A has seriously been so freaked out about the whole thing she had a Cathy cartoon moment and stress-ate her way through all three New Moon chocolates.) But, we saw this little gem on and had to weigh in. 

While attending an event in LA (with Kellan, TYVM), Nikki Reed was asked why girls went so crazy for her former paramour RPattz. Her response? “Rob is sort of feminine looking and I think young girls like boys that look like women.”

Ohhh, Nikki. You’re an actress! You gotta learn to hide your bitterness a little better than that! A back-handed compliment about him looking like a chick?? 

On the other hand, you do get creepily close with KStew on a regular basis. Maybe it wasn’t so much a back-handed compliment as it was the reason you were attracted to him in the first place. Hmmm??

Either way, Nikki was looking way skeletal in the face last night, which makes us think the fan complaints about her looks are getting to her. For the record, we don’t have a problem with you, Nikki. Just your wig.


Rachelle may have lost a role, but Nikki looks like she lost some lbs!

Rachelle may have lost a role, but Nikki looks like she lost some lbs!

PS We got this pic from Just Jared and will be happy to take it down if it breaks any rules to run it!

Sweet Things

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In what could be the worst timing ever, Co-Creator A finally found the New Moon chocolate candies at her local Blockbuster…on the first day of her new diet. Committed to both fitness and the Twilight Saga, A purchased them, but has yet to try them (enjoying the bouquet, while resisting the wine, if you will). She has added them to her random Twilight stuff collection, right next to the Twilight Sweethearts and across from the Edward doll M knit her for her birthday. (Add in a couple dozen cats and A is sounding like a helluva catch right about now!).

Anyhoo, we wondered if anyone has bitten into one of these bad boys (or bad girl)? If so, what do you think? Are they worth eating, or just fun to look at? Or play with? (They make for great puppets! Look at the way Edward longingly stares at Bella!) Weigh in Twi-hards….should A break her diet and take a bite?


Twi-abetics might wanna wait for the sugar free version.

Twi-abetics might wanna wait for the sugar-free version.

We left our heart in San Diego…

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We don’t have to remind you what today is, Twi-hards, do we? It’s Thursday! Which means New Moon-related Comic-Con activity goes down TODAY!! While we’re sadder than Bella on a forest floor that we couldn’t get out there for the Con, we’re uber-excited to start getting deets as they leak onto the ‘net. (In fact, Co-Creator A is considering sitting by her computer all day. Oh wait, she already does that.)

Between never-before-seen clips from New Moon (though we’re still debating how much of this darn movie we want to see before November 20. We need a little surprise at the theater!) and the will-they-or-won’t-they appearance of our fave trio, this is possibly the most exciting Twi-time we’ve had since the DVD release party!

Sure, sure, we’d rather be there. (Did we mention we won’t be attending?) But you know what? Let those other Twi-sites—like our friends at Pattinson Online,  Twilight Lexicon and Letters to Twilight—deal with the ear-piercing shrieks from the fans. Let them handle the shoving crowds and the fainting girls. Let them see RPattz’s beautiful, beautiful face in person and possibly bump into Tay-La’s perfectly sculpted abs…we digress.

Seriously though, you know we’re going to have a lot to say about all the goods coming out of Comic-Con today, so check back to see how we’re handling the whole thing. And share your thoughts on it all, too! 

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @AwesomeTM. It will be just like following someone who’s at Comic-Con. Except we’re not.

Con Man

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Since it’s taking a while for A to go through her thoughts, photos, transcripts and notes from this weekend, we thought we’d post a little daily zen for you. Thus, please to enjoy, (a somewhat blurry) Kellan Lutz and his amazing dimples. (You’re welcome.)


We'd wrestle a grizzly bear for that face!

We'd wrestle a grizzly bear for that face!