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Bitter, Party of 1

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So while all this Rachelle drama goes down, we’re keeping a low profile and watching the action from the sidelines. (Though A has seriously been so freaked out about the whole thing she had a Cathy cartoon moment and stress-ate her way through all three New Moon chocolates.) But, we saw this little gem on and had to weigh in. 

While attending an event in LA (with Kellan, TYVM), Nikki Reed was asked why girls went so crazy for her former paramour RPattz. Her response? “Rob is sort of feminine looking and I think young girls like boys that look like women.”

Ohhh, Nikki. You’re an actress! You gotta learn to hide your bitterness a little better than that! A back-handed compliment about him looking like a chick?? 

On the other hand, you do get creepily close with KStew on a regular basis. Maybe it wasn’t so much a back-handed compliment as it was the reason you were attracted to him in the first place. Hmmm??

Either way, Nikki was looking way skeletal in the face last night, which makes us think the fan complaints about her looks are getting to her. For the record, we don’t have a problem with you, Nikki. Just your wig.


Rachelle may have lost a role, but Nikki looks like she lost some lbs!

Rachelle may have lost a role, but Nikki looks like she lost some lbs!

PS We got this pic from Just Jared and will be happy to take it down if it breaks any rules to run it!


Con Man

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Since it’s taking a while for A to go through her thoughts, photos, transcripts and notes from this weekend, we thought we’d post a little daily zen for you. Thus, please to enjoy, (a somewhat blurry) Kellan Lutz and his amazing dimples. (You’re welcome.)


We'd wrestle a grizzly bear for that face!

We'd wrestle a grizzly bear for that face!

Fri-Day, Twi-Day!

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There’s a new phrase for the Twi-ctionary! Hehe. Anyhoo, A here. Yesterday was the first day of the Atlanta Twi-Con (and boy are my arms tired! Wait…) I’ll do a big wrap up post on Monday, but a few highlights:

1. Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke were adorable. If my dad was that hot, I’d never let him out of the house! Or pray I was adopted. This is getting weird. 

2. Met a girl who follows Kellan Lutz all over the country and has pictures of the two of them together in her purse. As in, IN her purse. The purse is made from the pictures. Intense. Hope she doesn’t mind me hooking up with him tonigh (BURN, Purse Girl!!).

3. Met Joy from Pattinson Online. She’s super fun and was equally confused by the lack of press-related structure at the Convention. Not to mention, she kindly let me use her computer when I somehow managed to fill a 4G memory card with pictures of Billy Burke. The whole thing. Told ya he was hot. (Oh, PS, he totally did the halo gesture, which I did not realize was such a fan favorite, but the reaction from the crowd was Beatles-on-Ed Sullivan-esque!)


Can we get those digits?? No, really. Please?

Can we get those digits?? No, really. Please?



4. The costumes from the film travel with the convention (though I think they’re re-creations). Edward and Bella Mannequins stand in the exhibit. If you want your picture taken with them, it’ll cost ya $5. Did I mention they’re not real? Yeah.

5. The hosts of the weekend are the cast of the Hillywood Show. They do movie parodies and I have to say, they’re pretty darn good as Bella, Edward, Jasper and Alice. Everytime I see Edward out of the corner of my eye, I do a double take. Plus they’re almost always in character, so it gets a little erie watching them walk through the crowd holding hands and looking all twitterpated. 

6. Today is Kellan Lutz day! Somehow, I have to figure out a way to sleep with him. I mean, ask him important journalistic questions about war, poverty and the paparazzi. Now what would a gal wear for that?

More to come! Check our flickr site for a few quick uploads from Friday! And don’t forget to follow us @AwesomeTM on Twitter!


Peter Facinelli. Hey, friend!



Our Interview with a Vampire

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For those of you who’ve been visiting family in Denali this holiday season, you might have missed our excitement as Co-Creator A got the chance to interview Peter Facinelli. The interview ran this weekend in Atlanta’s Sunday Paper, and you can see the digital version here. (Click on it a bunch of times to keep it one of the top stories this week!) 

The interview leads up to what could be A’s most exciting weekend ever: Twi-Con! The Twilight Convention starts Friday and will run through Sunday, bringing with it Kellan Lutz, Jackson Rathbone, Ashley Greene, Billy Burke, and our good friend P-Fac. 

We’ll also post the rest of A’s P-Fac conversation transcript this afternoon. And click here to find out what rule he suggested we add to our Twilight Drinking Game!

Now if only we could figure out how to digitize the conversation that she tape recorded and post it…

BTW, in fun news, one of our favorite Twi-sites, Twilight Lexicon, quoted the Sunday Paper article! A was almost more excited about that than anything else. Almost. Afterall, Peter Facinelli called her at home. You can’t really top that. (Now, if Rob called…)


A snapped a pic of the cover mention...hi Rob!

A snapped a pic of the cover mention...hi Rob!

Peter Facinelli’s Twilight Drinking Game Amendment

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While she was on the phone with Peter Facinelli yesterday, Co-Creator A told him all about the Twilight Drinking Game we created for ATM. (He thought it was great, PS. Duh!) We asked if he’d be willing to give us a Carlisle-related drinking rule for New Moon. (He was, but you’ll have to wait for November for that one, Twi-hards. Ha!) This was his response:

“First, I gotta give you one for Twilight: Everytime I put my hand on Rob’s shoulder. Rob and I would joke about that all the time. In the script it was always like ‘Carlisle comes in, puts his hand on his son’s shoulder.’ So Rob and I would always laugh because I’d be like every time I come in, I’m supposed to put my hand on your shoulder…like that’s a fatherly gesture. And whenever I see Rob now, I put my hand on his shoulder and we laugh.”

Not only did Peter Facinelli give us TWO—count them, TWO—drinking game rules, he gave us an RPattz antecdote!! It was like winning the lottery three times in one day!


Peter teaches Kellan the rules of the game...

Peter teaches Kellan the rules of the game...

PS Co-Creator M obvs isn’t the only one with mad Photoshop skills! Ha!

What’s up, Doc?

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Soooooooo, we don’t know if you heard, but yesterday was kind of a big deal for Co-Creator A. Sure, sure, it started like any other day, meeting M for java and “work” at the coffee shop. Ignoring photos from the “Remember Me” set (we just can’t get behind the hype for that one). You know…the usual. Then, the phone rang and the voice on the other line said A might have a shot at a celebrity interview before her official coverage of the Twilight Convention in Atlanta next week (and by official we mean for an actual publication. And us. Natch.) The voice on the other end said she wasn’t sure who…Peter someone. The entire neighborhood probably heard A’s response: “FACINELLI?????!!!!!”

When going through the possibilities for interviews, he’d been the last we thought to agree. Afterall, an independent newspaper with a circulation of 80k certainly doesn’t compare to People Magazine or US Weekly. We figured we’d get that creepy Solomon Trimble who seems to think he played Sam Uley. Silly boy. 

But no, it was confirmed. It was to be Peter Facinelli! Carlisle Cullen himself would be calling A at home for a chat! The shakes set in. As did the heart palpitations. And the yelling (sorry, fellow coffee drinkers).

Knowing a celebrity is going to call your house, but not knowing at what time, is a nerve-jarring thing. Not wanting to answer a call “Carlisle, is that you??” and startle a telemarketer, A alerted everyone she knew NOT to call her land line for the duration of the afternoon. Then, at exactly 4:04 EST the call came in. His agent was on the line asking if he could patch A through to “Peter.” Yeah, no big.

(I wouldn’t admit this to many, what with being a seasoned journalist and all, but while his agent was figuring out just how to patch P-Fac in, I totally grabbed a bottle of vodka and took a giant swig. I was hoping it would cure my shakes.)

We will post the transcript of the conversation as soon as we know what the paper is using and what we can run. In the meantime, we’re going to revolutionize the Internet by posting THE SAME THING ON TWO SITES! Intrigued? Well you should be. You see, the one question A knew she would have to ask P-Fac was for a little help on our patented ATM Twilight Drinking Game. And he was very willing to help. Stay tuned…


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Guess who we’re talking to on the phone today?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


Calling Dr. Cullen, Calling Dr. Cullen...

Calling Dr. Cullen, Calling Dr. Cullen...