Welcome, Twihards! We the co-creators of Awesome Teen Magazine (A and M, respectively) have become intense Twilight fans ourselves, and thus, we decided to stop forcing it down the literary throats of our ATM readers, and instead, channel it into this, our all-Twilight, all-the-time blog (insert cheers of jubilation here).

We, like you, have been hooked on Twilight since we first opened its pages and continue to thirst for more! We hope to become your source for all sorts of Forksy-fun, but keep in mind, this is a place to come together and share in our love of the books and films. Here, Team Jacob and Team Edward must co-exist peacefully, so, just as the Cullens and the Quileutes did so many years ago, we ask that you make a treaty: don’t comment if you’re just going to bash Twilight. Opinions are always welcome, as long as they’re expressed with respect to this empire with which, frankly, we’re a little obsessed.

Awesome Twilight Musings (ATWIM for short) is just one of the many speciality ezine spawns  (wait, does this make Atwim Reneseme?) of Awesome Teen Magazine, a pop culture commentary aimed to help us twenty-somethings indulge in all things awesome and without judgment.

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