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We Need a Solar Eclipse

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With Eclipse exactly one week away (say it with me now…..EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!) I thought it best to start posting again. ( And here I thought starting my new non-editorial job would make me a better blogger. Turns out copywriting is just as time-consuming as magazine writing.) Anyhoo, back to my point: ECLIPSE IS COMING!!!!! So how are you celebrating? Are you camped out in Hollywood hoping to catch a glimpse of the trilogy and maybe an early screening? Are you doodling your name + Edward’s name on your school or work notebook? Or maybe you’re doing what I’m doing…panicking that our opening weekend numbers aren’t going to be up to snuff.

Why would I worry such a thing, you ask? One word: summer. Every other Twi-film has opened during the colder months. I mean, let’s face it….the Twi-cast and the Twi-hards love a good hoodie. We love a lumberjack-style flannel. We can’t get enough of the controversial “Bella” jacket from BB Dakota. What happens when we’re forced to go against the angsty styles of winter and wear happy tank tops and flip flops to the theater?

It's too darn hot to keep this thing on!

Sure, sure, it gets cold in movie theaters. And with national temps at an uber-high, it would make sense that the fine folks at your local cinema would crank their ACs so much that the moments leading up to Bella’s leghitch aren’t all that’s giving you the chills. But donning your sassy summer sundress outside and covering up with a Hot Topic psuedo-goth hoodie inside is beyond a fashion don’t. And we know Alice would NOT approve of such a thing.

Not to mention, we love getting out of our cars in the packed parking lot and snuggling in our overclothes all the way to the concession line, knowing that we’re about to enter a world where only werewolves take their shirts off and that grey and drizzly is the best possible forecast. What happens when we leave the theater (and the worlds of Forks and La Push) expecting it to be cold and grey and it’s hot and sunny? How on EARTH are we expected to remain in the Twi-world when the real world feels more like a scene out of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth than our beloved Eclipse?

Plus! What about those poor campers I spoke of earlier? It’s one thing to camp out in November or December. Fleece Cullen Crest blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate are almost as effective as a werewolf in a sleeping bag when a gal needs to warm up, but those poor overnighting Twi-hards are setting themselves up for serious dehydration and heat exhaustion! Why wait hours to see the film when you’re just going to be taken out of there on a stretcher because you only brought one Team Edward bottle of water? (Not to mention, being carried out of a Twi-que for any reason-however medical-just makes you look like a passed out super fan who couldn’t control her excitement and makes the rest of us look even crazier than we already do…though we know we’re not crazy. Just crazy for Twilight! Crap, that sounded crazy in itself, didn’t it?)

Fill 'em up, gang!

What do you think, Twi-hards? Will the heat of the summer overshadow the heat between Bella and Edward? Will the fact that it’s hotter than a werewolf’s body temp keep us from getting ourselves to the theater on opening weekend and instead, wait for the DVD release which will ultimately occur in the cooler, darker fall months? Post your thoughts (and remedies for beating the pre-Eclipse heat) in the comments!

And check back all week and next week as I continue to post. I promise. Seriously. I’m gonna. I have been too inspired by my buddies at Letters to Twilight and their miraculous Steph Meyer meeting not to!


National Dog Day!

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It’s National Dog Day today! So don’t forget to hug your favorite werewolf! Or at least offer them breakfast in a homemade dog bowl!


Hug me, it's Dog Day!

Hug me, it's Dog Day!

Howl at the (New) Moon

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Just like you, dear Twlight fans, we often find ourselves defending the intense awesomeness that is the Twilight Saga to our male friends. No matter how much we champion the bone-crushing fights (Bella DID get her leg broken), fast cars and reckless driving, alluring, beautiful female vamps, and of course, the baseball-related undertones, they can’t seem to get past the chick-flickiness of the movie. (Or maybe it’s our constant male comparisons to one Mr. Robert Pattison. We’re not quite sure.)  In any case, we here at ATWIM are constantly searching for new ways to increase male viewership. Not only because we would hate to deny them of the movie’s awesomeness, but—and most importantly—to secure ourselves dates for multiple viewings of New Moon (because let’s be honest, ladies…it will get expensive paying to see it in theaters 16 times).

41GlByFzNgL__SS500_Ever on the boy-enticing prowl (wolf pun intended),  we cyber-stumbled upon this amazing Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt from Sure, sure, it looks like your average Napoleon Dynamite-inspired thrift store tee (you know, the sort of thing those emo kids on the New Moon poster might wear ironically), but just like Jacob’s wolf pack, it has a much higher purpose. After reading the 200+ customer reviews, it’s apparent that this seemingly mundane shirt captures the essence and allure of our favorite wolf pack in ways even we true fans cannot fathom. Take shirt wearer (and soon to be Twilight fan) Bee Dot Govern, for instance: “I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling alongside out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.”

Just like Jacob once (briefly) had Bella’s heart, Bee Dot Govern got his own heavy-breathing, slightly unkempt (BURN, KStew!!) leading lady. And just like Jacob saved Bella many times, the power of the wolf shirt helped David Luzader save a choking man’s life. Finally! Now guys will see that we love the Quileute wolf pack for more than just being shirtless and hot (though we def love them for those reasons too. Mmm, wolf pack.).

So ladies, add a little wolf to your wardrobe, because thanks to the magic of this shirt—for a mere $9.14—you’ll have your guy pledging his alliance to Team Jacob and imprinting on you in no time! And if all goes according to plan, by November he’ll be so enthralled with all that is Twilight that he might even plan on dressing like Edward for your big New Moon date night.

Editors’ Note: If you’re not Team Jacob, check out our Team Switzerland Awesome Teen Shirts.

Abs-olute Team Jacob

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Hi. My name is Co-Creator M and I’m on Team Jacob (TJ).  It all started on January 2nd, 2009 when I saw Twilight for the first time.

I never wanted to be on TJ.  In fact, after reading Twilight I had no allegiance to any specific character.  I was simply in love with being in love.  As it turned out Jacob only got in the way of the fast track romance between Bella and Edward.  The pages where Jacob was written in were page turners.  Like real page turners.  I flipped as fast as I could to get back to whatever electric love connection Stephenie Meyer had dreamt up.  Bella and Edward. Rosalie and Emmett. Jasper and Alice. Carlisle and Esme.

But then I saw Twilight.  My gateway drug to TJ.  Of course there was no denying the big screen allure of Edward (or Jasper!! Did you see those curly locks and those smile with your eyes expressions?!), but once Jacob appeared at prom in his Urban Outfitters-chic attire it was all over.  It was right then and there I realized that no vampire would ever be the one for me.

Now, reader(s), I’ll be the first to admit that I’m TJ for purely selfish reasons.  For one, he’s hot.  I realize those on Team Edward claim the same thing, that he’s hot, too, but have they realized that’s it for him?  Edward will forever look the same.  He can’t cut his hair and he certainly can’t surprise us all with ripped abs like Jacob.  And speaking of those amazing abs, we get to look forward to a shirtless Jacob in the movies to come.  Edward? Nope. He’ll be wearing a gray shirt and navy jacket until the end of time.

Then there’s that love thing.  The thing I first fell in love with.  Jacob gets to do all the fun love things.  While Edward can write one hell of a piano love ballad, as a human, I’d be pretty bored of the talking, tired from walking without holding hands, and pretty damn annoyed with his pained expressions when he looked at me.  Bring out the intense make out seshes, dazzling smile, and abs (have I mentioned the abs?) of Jacob Black.

For those of you with me in our exclusive TJ community, the ones who have been here since the beginning, I’m urging you to leave the TJ v Team Edward power struggle alone.  Let Team Edward be the more powerful team.  TJ is threatened by the release of New Moon and the makeover of our leading man. The groupies will rush the red carpets in support of Taylor Lautner.  We must never let his star rise as high as Rob Patterson’s.  Then our perfect world of sweet, protective, hot Jacob will be tarnished with Perez reports that he doesn’t shower, fan photos of him drunk at a bar at 3am, and the overwhelming fear that he could one day be dating KStew.  Sorry Team Edward, that’s your reality.

Wolf Crush

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My name is Co-Creator A. And I have a wolf crush.

I know, I know! It’s sacrilege to abandon my beautiful, perfect Edward, but Taylor Lautner makes a pretty convincing arguement. Now, I can’t speak for Co-Creator M (who, to be fair, has been Team Jacob from the get go…when she’s not Team Jasper, WTF?), but I have loved only Edward from the beginning (ok and Emmett, but whatevs). Despite Stephenie Meyer’s obvious attempts to make us all fall for Jake’s wolfy ways, I remained ever true to Edward, just as Bella did. (Except for that one stupid kiss. Seriously, Bella?) Not to mention, I’ve always thought Rob was way hotter than Taylor (possibly because he’s much closer to my age), but after last weeks’s Entertainment Tonight coverage, I am starting to answer the siren song of Team Taylor. 

From the moment he leapt off that porch calling Bella’s name in the New Moon footage, my heart was torn in two, and I finally understand Bella’s conundrum. Sure, sure, Edward is romantic and beautiful and completely devoted (with the obvious exception of the New Moon break-up), but have you seen Jacob’s abs? No really. Have you??

Not to mention, the casting of the rest of the pack is only making my wolf crushing more intense! All those very tan, very toned, super serious looking dudes? What’s not to like? Put them in formation behind Jake and it’s enough to raise MY temperature to 108! 

With this wolf crush comes intense excitement for New Moon. I will be honest, on my first reading, I hated New Moon. I thought it was a useless book that did nothing but make me long for Edward and wish I’d never left the comfort of Twilight. The second time I read it, I liked it a little better. Ditto the third. Last night, I finished it for the fourth time (I work from home, I have a lot of time on my hands) and I have to say, I was sad to put it down. Worse yet, I was sad to see Bella go to Italy, knowing it meant the end of her free and easy days with Jacob. (Though technically those ended after the three-way movie date night.) 

Now I’m left with the same hole Bella nursed in the book, though mine is empty for a wolf fix. How will I ever wait 7 months to see Summit’s interpretation of what has become my favorite of the four books? Maybe if *I* start doing crazy things, I will hear Taylor Lautner’s voice in my head. Or I could just watch Entertainment Tonight every night for the next 28 weeks and I’d probably get the same results.

I know it would be silly to reread the book every week until the movie comes out, but that doesn’t mean I’m not considering it.