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We Need a Solar Eclipse

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With Eclipse exactly one week away (say it with me now…..EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!) I thought it best to start posting again. ( And here I thought starting my new non-editorial job would make me a better blogger. Turns out copywriting is just as time-consuming as magazine writing.) Anyhoo, back to my point: ECLIPSE IS COMING!!!!! So how are you celebrating? Are you camped out in Hollywood hoping to catch a glimpse of the trilogy and maybe an early screening? Are you doodling your name + Edward’s name on your school or work notebook? Or maybe you’re doing what I’m doing…panicking that our opening weekend numbers aren’t going to be up to snuff.

Why would I worry such a thing, you ask? One word: summer. Every other Twi-film has opened during the colder months. I mean, let’s face it….the Twi-cast and the Twi-hards love a good hoodie. We love a lumberjack-style flannel. We can’t get enough of the controversial “Bella” jacket from BB Dakota. What happens when we’re forced to go against the angsty styles of winter and wear happy tank tops and flip flops to the theater?

It's too darn hot to keep this thing on!

Sure, sure, it gets cold in movie theaters. And with national temps at an uber-high, it would make sense that the fine folks at your local cinema would crank their ACs so much that the moments leading up to Bella’s leghitch aren’t all that’s giving you the chills. But donning your sassy summer sundress outside and covering up with a Hot Topic psuedo-goth hoodie inside is beyond a fashion don’t. And we know Alice would NOT approve of such a thing.

Not to mention, we love getting out of our cars in the packed parking lot and snuggling in our overclothes all the way to the concession line, knowing that we’re about to enter a world where only werewolves take their shirts off and that grey and drizzly is the best possible forecast. What happens when we leave the theater (and the worlds of Forks and La Push) expecting it to be cold and grey and it’s hot and sunny? How on EARTH are we expected to remain in the Twi-world when the real world feels more like a scene out of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth than our beloved Eclipse?

Plus! What about those poor campers I spoke of earlier? It’s one thing to camp out in November or December. Fleece Cullen Crest blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate are almost as effective as a werewolf in a sleeping bag when a gal needs to warm up, but those poor overnighting Twi-hards are setting themselves up for serious dehydration and heat exhaustion! Why wait hours to see the film when you’re just going to be taken out of there on a stretcher because you only brought one Team Edward bottle of water? (Not to mention, being carried out of a Twi-que for any reason-however medical-just makes you look like a passed out super fan who couldn’t control her excitement and makes the rest of us look even crazier than we already do…though we know we’re not crazy. Just crazy for Twilight! Crap, that sounded crazy in itself, didn’t it?)

Fill 'em up, gang!

What do you think, Twi-hards? Will the heat of the summer overshadow the heat between Bella and Edward? Will the fact that it’s hotter than a werewolf’s body temp keep us from getting ourselves to the theater on opening weekend and instead, wait for the DVD release which will ultimately occur in the cooler, darker fall months? Post your thoughts (and remedies for beating the pre-Eclipse heat) in the comments!

And check back all week and next week as I continue to post. I promise. Seriously. I’m gonna. I have been too inspired by my buddies at Letters to Twilight and their miraculous Steph Meyer meeting not to!


Knock Off the Knock Offs!

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We’re as protective of our online Twilight community as Edward ever was over Bella, so when we heard about this, we knew we couldn’t ignore it. Check out the situation on ROBsessed and join us boycotting anyone selling, advertising, or having anything to do with this copycat operation behind the “ROBsessed” DVD. 

Let’s stand up to the Volturi, er, DVD makers together! Back off, a-holes! You don’t wanna mess with the online Twi community. We’re a pretty loyal breed.

Con Man

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Since it’s taking a while for A to go through her thoughts, photos, transcripts and notes from this weekend, we thought we’d post a little daily zen for you. Thus, please to enjoy, (a somewhat blurry) Kellan Lutz and his amazing dimples. (You’re welcome.)


We'd wrestle a grizzly bear for that face!

We'd wrestle a grizzly bear for that face!

The Twi-itter People (Part 1)

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It’s no secret that I, Co-Creator A, am a little crazy when it comes to Twilight. Yes, I have a giant Twilight movie poster hanging in my office. Yes, I have read the books at least 5 times each. Yes, my ultimate goal this year is to attend the convention and meet Emmett. Whatevs. Last week, while researching ‘The Twi-itter Wars (of the South)’ I came across a group of Twi-hards way crazier than myself. 

It should be mentioned that when I say crazy, I don’t mean it in a bad way. Not entirely anyway. Like I said, I’m pretty fanatical when it comes to my Twi-abetes, so to call the kettle black would make this pot a bit of a hypocrite. However, these fans are taking their obsessions WAY beyond anything I’ve ever done.

Remember back to simpler times. A time with no MySpace, no Facebook, no texting. When AOL was the hottest way to surf your 28.8k net and chat rooms were full of interesting people pretending to be celebrities (I still swear that girl I talked to in 1997 REALLY was Sarah Jessica Parker!). People would pseudo-converse in a pseudo-public forum and when their conversation needed to get a little more detailed, take it to an IM. Those who wanted to have detailed conversations with more than one person would go to private chats named  for oh-so-important topics, like singlefolksinAZ or ILuvSBTBthenewclass. The really intense ones would role play in their chat rooms. Wizards, knights, magicians, they all had their own private chats where they could really get down to the nitty gritty and talk as though they knew how to cast spells, save maidens and pull rabbits out of their virtual hats. We would read and we would laugh. What kind of person gets so crazy about fictional things that they pretend to be those fictional things online?

Enter the new private chat room: Twi-itter Role Players or TRPs. Like I said, I never meant to find this rare breed of Twi-hard. I was looking for celeb Twi-itter accounts and found Alice’s first. I laughed at the intense and questionably delusional things she tweeted to Jasper. For instance: *giggling, leaning down to kiss your neck* Gotcha! (FYI: When people use * to signify action, we start to worry. This is classic old-school AOL chat room behavior!) Anyway, I thought this stuff was fantastic (Co-Creator M was way more creeped out than I was. Doesn’t speak highly of me.) and immediately decided to follow all of them. Bella, Edward, Esme, Carlisle, Jacob, Emmett, Rose…they all have accounts! Even Renesmee has one!! It never ends!

Literally. They never shut up. Never! They’re always talking to each other. Always *doing some sort of action* or sending each other song lyrics. It’s the most intense thing I’ve ever seen! These people must not have jobs…which makes me think they’re like 16. That would make sense anyway, since that’s how old I was the last time I *said I was doing some sort of action*. But as crazy as they are, I can’t stop following them! Which means that you, lucky ATWIM reader(s), get two days of Twi-itter role playing stories! So stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment, which is full of deceit, back-stabbing, adultery and, wait for it, Twitter sex.


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Welcome, Twihards! We the co-creators of Awesome Teen Magazine (A and M, respectively) have become intense Twilight fans ourselves, and thus, we decided to stop forcing it down the literary throats of our ATM readers, and instead, channel it into this, our all-Twilight, all-the-time blog (insert cheers of jubilation here).

As our inaugural post, we thought we’d address a pressing issue that is weighing heavily on all of our minds: that other “Twi”-word, Twitter. We, like you, discovered the joys of Twitter long ago (ok, not THAT long ago, but way before Demi and Ashton, anyway!), and once we were comfortable with our celeb-friending status (100 and counting!) we did a little search for Twilight movie saga cast members. A quick perusal turned up KStew, four Nikki Reed accounts, Kellan Lutz (mmm, Emmett), Ashley Greene and a curious account by the name of “FakeRPatzPenis.” (We’re pretty sure that last one was a hoax.)

With our following caps on and our celeb-Tweet-reading eyes peeled, we sat back and waited for info that could prove any of the above were the real deal. After several posts instructing fans to visit her MySpace page, we were pretty sure Kristin Stewart’s account was official, but operated by an assistant or something. (Not that KStew’s Tweets would be much more interesting than that, bah.) However, it was later confirmed on a rival Twi-site that KStew did not have Twitter or MySpace and that we’d been hoaxed. Then Kellan Lutz started talking. A lot. He flirts constantly with “Ashley Greene” (what happened to Annalynne MccWHOREd??) and spends countless hours talking about gummy bears and smiles. None of this sounds like our Emmett, but the jury is still out. Ditto for Ashley Greene, who spends all of HER time tweeting back to Kellan Lutz. Hmmm…

That brings us to our favoritest Twi-itterer (awesomeTradeMark): Nikki Reed. We’ll be honest, Rosalie is one of our least favorite characters, but Nikki Reed might single-handedly change that opinion. We started out thinking that Nikki’s Twitter account was a phony. She was mentioning KStew a little too often and always saying things about “them” finding her out and “getting into trouble on here.” We thought it all sounded a little fishy. But then she said that her Blackberry had been hijacked by Taylor Lautner and he started writing things. We had to admit, we were intrigued. Then she began telling us where Jackson Rathbone’s band was playing around Vancouver. Then, she cryptically told us something we’ve been waiting to hear for months: the whole “family” was back together to film a very important scene. (We’re thinking Bella’s bday, duh!) She also threw in a very funny “Hale hale the gang’s all here or would it be Hales Cullens the gang’s all here” and made us love her even more!

Now, she claims that no one else in the cast has Twitter, but that same day Kellan was saying stuff about filming the birthday scene, so it’s a tough call. If any of you Twiabetics has any inside info about the validity of Twi-itter accounts, let us know!! We’ll send you a button or something!

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on all of the accounts for important clues. And if that means closely monitoring FakeRPatzPenis, well then that’s just what we’ll have to do!