You read all 2,379 pages of the Twilight series to find out how your favorite vampires were born and it’s equally important to know the same about your favorite vampire blog.  Check out where it all started:

We’re pretty sure that if it wasn’t for the mind reading thing, Edward would have his own Facebook page.  How can he be the most popular kid at Forks High without one?  To fill the Edward void in all our lives, we invite you to become a fan of ATM where we talk about Twilight a lot.  ATM Facebook Fan Page.

While Ashton might have been the first to a million followers, we’re pretty sure that ATM will be a close second.  Join our Twitter world and be the first to know where to find hot new photos from the movie set, the latest gossip, and how we take our coffee in the morning. Follow us @awesomeTM or at

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