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We Need a Solar Eclipse

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With Eclipse exactly one week away (say it with me now…..EEEEEEEEEEEEK!!!) I thought it best to start posting again. ( And here I thought starting my new non-editorial job would make me a better blogger. Turns out copywriting is just as time-consuming as magazine writing.) Anyhoo, back to my point: ECLIPSE IS COMING!!!!! So how are you celebrating? Are you camped out in Hollywood hoping to catch a glimpse of the trilogy and maybe an early screening? Are you doodling your name + Edward’s name on your school or work notebook? Or maybe you’re doing what I’m doing…panicking that our opening weekend numbers aren’t going to be up to snuff.

Why would I worry such a thing, you ask? One word: summer. Every other Twi-film has opened during the colder months. I mean, let’s face it….the Twi-cast and the Twi-hards love a good hoodie. We love a lumberjack-style flannel. We can’t get enough of the controversial “Bella” jacket from BB Dakota. What happens when we’re forced to go against the angsty styles of winter and wear happy tank tops and flip flops to the theater?

It's too darn hot to keep this thing on!

Sure, sure, it gets cold in movie theaters. And with national temps at an uber-high, it would make sense that the fine folks at your local cinema would crank their ACs so much that the moments leading up to Bella’s leghitch aren’t all that’s giving you the chills. But donning your sassy summer sundress outside and covering up with a Hot Topic psuedo-goth hoodie inside is beyond a fashion don’t. And we know Alice would NOT approve of such a thing.

Not to mention, we love getting out of our cars in the packed parking lot and snuggling in our overclothes all the way to the concession line, knowing that we’re about to enter a world where only werewolves take their shirts off and that grey and drizzly is the best possible forecast. What happens when we leave the theater (and the worlds of Forks and La Push) expecting it to be cold and grey and it’s hot and sunny? How on EARTH are we expected to remain in the Twi-world when the real world feels more like a scene out of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth than our beloved Eclipse?

Plus! What about those poor campers I spoke of earlier? It’s one thing to camp out in November or December. Fleece Cullen Crest blankets and a thermos of hot chocolate are almost as effective as a werewolf in a sleeping bag when a gal needs to warm up, but those poor overnighting Twi-hards are setting themselves up for serious dehydration and heat exhaustion! Why wait hours to see the film when you’re just going to be taken out of there on a stretcher because you only brought one Team Edward bottle of water? (Not to mention, being carried out of a Twi-que for any reason-however medical-just makes you look like a passed out super fan who couldn’t control her excitement and makes the rest of us look even crazier than we already do…though we know we’re not crazy. Just crazy for Twilight! Crap, that sounded crazy in itself, didn’t it?)

Fill 'em up, gang!

What do you think, Twi-hards? Will the heat of the summer overshadow the heat between Bella and Edward? Will the fact that it’s hotter than a werewolf’s body temp keep us from getting ourselves to the theater on opening weekend and instead, wait for the DVD release which will ultimately occur in the cooler, darker fall months? Post your thoughts (and remedies for beating the pre-Eclipse heat) in the comments!

And check back all week and next week as I continue to post. I promise. Seriously. I’m gonna. I have been too inspired by my buddies at Letters to Twilight and their miraculous Steph Meyer meeting not to!


The New Moon Drinking Game

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We’ve been blog mum on New Moon for two reasons: 1. we want you guys to make your own decisions and not be swayed by how we at ATWIM feel (it’s the best freaking movie ever!!!…oops, I’ve said to much), and 2. we’ve been so busy seeing it over and over again that there really hasn’t been time to write. (Did I mention how freaking awesome it is?? Seriously. SERIOUSLY! Per-fection.)

However, it has come time to post what we like to tell ourselves is the most anticipated New Moon-related item to hit the net since the debut of that weird girlie Jacob doll: ladies and gentlemen, may we present you…THE NEW MOON DRINKING GAME.

Now, due to the popularity of The Twilight Drinking Game, this one is a little different. Word got out about us and our mad drinking game-making skills, so a few cast members contacted us to help with rules of their own. (Rob and Kristen called, but K just kind of stammered through some long-winded rule and Rob spent the whole phone chat being self-depricating so we had to drop their submissions.) Fortunately, our friends Peter Facinelli, Edi Gathegi and Jamie Campbell Bower were there to lend a hand…and help each and every one of you get good and sloshed. 

First, our rules. I, Co-Creator A, went to see New Moon (for the third time) by myself with notebook in hand to come up with these rules, for you, our loving readers. I’m pretty sure the few other people in the theater at 2PM on a Wednesday thought I was crazy. And I am. CRAZY FOR THE NEW MOON DRINKING GAME!

*NOTE: We cannot be held responsible for anyone who gets in trouble playing or attempting to play the New Moon drinking game. Also, if you’re going to get wasted at the movie theater, be sure to bring a designated driver. We recommend someone responsible like Angela Webber. A Mike Newton type is a little too much of a gamble.*

That said, here’s how the game is played. Add your favorite alcoholic beverage to your reasonably priced (ahem) movie theater soda and keep your cup close at hand. (Once the film is on DVD, the game gets a lot more convenient.) Whenever one of the following things happens, you MUST drink. Note: some variations are designed for hardcore drinking game players only. Feel free to make your own variations to avoid puking like a “marshmallow.”


1. This is a pre-film rule: drink for every preview of a film about letters that stars Amanda Seyfried. Seriously. You’ll be drunk before the opening credits. (Though there really aren’t opening credits, are there?)

2. Drink whenever someone takes a picture. Bella, Alice, Angela, etc.

3. Ok, now this one could mean you get dragged out of the theater on a stretcher, but give it a shot (no pun intended): drink everytime there’s plaid on screen. This is for every separate piece of plaid. For instance, in the cafeteria, Mike is wearing plaid, but so are a few of the extras in the background. Drink for each. (If you really want to get crazy, drink for the plaid curtains in Bella’s house.)

4. Drink when Edward gets out of the Volvo at school and walks towards Bella looking like something out of a wet dream. (Seriously, no matter how many times I see the movie, I gasp audibly when I see him.)

5. Drink every time Emmett says something so goofy it’s hot. Which is every time he speaks.

6. Drink every time a line from Twilight is repeated. For instance, when Alice says, “it’s time” or when Bella tells Charlie to be careful and he says, ” always am.”

7. Drink every time a line that’s so random, dated or dumb that it rivals “spider monkey” is uttered. ie: When Jake calls Bella “loca” or when Bella asks Emmett not to “hate the truck.” Or when Jess says “homeboy could have been a psycho.” Or when Jake says “age is just a number, baby.” You get the idea.

8. Drink when you get dizzy from the spinning in the scene where Bella’s lying on the forest floor. (Cause you know you do. I actually have to look away. Alcohol should help that.)

9. Drink when you see Sam come to save Bella in wolf form…because he looks like an animatronic Snuffleupagus. Moments later, drink again when Sam, Harry Clearwater and Jake exchange a silent look that rivals those on an episode of The Hills. 

10. Drink for Jessica’s amazing zombie rant. We heart Anna Kendrick. 

11. In the scene where Bella falls off the motorcycle drink two times: once when Jake does his fancy maneuver to get off his own bike and then when he shamelessly removes his shirt. You knew we were gonna say that one, didn’t you?

12. Drink when Mike Newton says “gotta get that pwotein in thew” in his baby talk voice. 

13. Drink for the Burger King product placement in the movie theater scene. 

14. (This is a good one!) Drink every time Bella cock teases Jake and they almost kiss. Such a tease, Bells!

15. Drink whenever the wolf pack makes their weird greeting noise. “Oooohheeeeee!”

16. Drink every time someone other than Bella drives her truck.

17. Drink whenever someone speaks a language that’s not English, but no translation is offered. (ie: Jacob or the Volturi.)

18. Drink during the amazingly funny, awkward and creepy elevator scene in Italy. Genius!

19. Whether you love it or hate it, drink for Alice’s Breaking Dawn premonition. (We love it!)

20. Drink for every Cullen that votes yes. 

Ok, now that you’re good and tipsy, it’s time for the celeb rules. We’ll start with Peter Facinelli (who also kindly offered us a Twilight Drinking Game rule—complete with Rob anticdote). Peter said: “For New Moon, every time you see Carlisle in a scarf, you can drink. That would be basically every scene I’m in.” (Editor’s note: we’re counting the dickie he wears when he’s with the Volturi.) 

Next, Jamie Campbell Bower, who, BTW, thought the game was a fantastic idea. We’re also pretty sure he’d play with us any day of the week. And drink us under the table. His rule was: “Every time Dakota Fanning does something incredibly frightening, which is just about every scene she is in.”

And finally, Edi Gathegi, who took this game very seriously. He even changed his rule five minutes after giving us his initial idea. Here’s how the conversation went down: “If the rule was for my character, you’d be sober the whole time, so how about every time Taylor is shirtless in a frame. Not in a scene, in a frame. So if they cut to Taylor, then cut to Kristen, then cut back to Taylor, drink both times [he’s on screen].” A few minutes later after hearing Jamie’s idea, Edi changed his mind:

Edi: Mine promotes alcoholism, I want to change it. How about every time someone is shirtless? Not in frames, just in scenes. Every time you see pecs.

Jamie: Nipple?

Edi: No, just pecs. Man cleave. And that’s for everyone. Not just Taylor. 

So, ATWIM readers, you heard the man. Drink every time you see man cleavage. And that includes Laurent’s under his blazer. We think Edi would want it that way.

We left our heart in San Diego…

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We don’t have to remind you what today is, Twi-hards, do we? It’s Thursday! Which means New Moon-related Comic-Con activity goes down TODAY!! While we’re sadder than Bella on a forest floor that we couldn’t get out there for the Con, we’re uber-excited to start getting deets as they leak onto the ‘net. (In fact, Co-Creator A is considering sitting by her computer all day. Oh wait, she already does that.)

Between never-before-seen clips from New Moon (though we’re still debating how much of this darn movie we want to see before November 20. We need a little surprise at the theater!) and the will-they-or-won’t-they appearance of our fave trio, this is possibly the most exciting Twi-time we’ve had since the DVD release party!

Sure, sure, we’d rather be there. (Did we mention we won’t be attending?) But you know what? Let those other Twi-sites—like our friends at Pattinson Online,  Twilight Lexicon and Letters to Twilight—deal with the ear-piercing shrieks from the fans. Let them handle the shoving crowds and the fainting girls. Let them see RPattz’s beautiful, beautiful face in person and possibly bump into Tay-La’s perfectly sculpted abs…we digress.

Seriously though, you know we’re going to have a lot to say about all the goods coming out of Comic-Con today, so check back to see how we’re handling the whole thing. And share your thoughts on it all, too! 

And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @AwesomeTM. It will be just like following someone who’s at Comic-Con. Except we’re not.

The Twi-itter Wars (of the South)

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As you know, dear reader(s), one of our favorite activities is following the Twi-ittering community. Real or fake, we follow them to see what sort of crazy things they’ll say. And while we know for a fact that most are not real, we still like watching the shannanigans. Today, stuff went down in the Twi-itter world and we had a front row seat for all the drama! 

@KristenJStewart, which we’ve long known not to be the real Kristen, but have always wondered if it’s her PR team or assistant because of her constant MySpace promotion, suggested everyone stop following @DakotaFanning because she was a faker, telling us instead to follow @DakotaFanning9. Then, @DakotaFanning9 dropped a bomb: she is in fact the real Dakota, but @KristenJStewart is NOT the real KStew!! Gasp!

Then, she told us that the real Kristen is @KristenStewart9. (Evidently real Twilight stars put a 9 in their names.) She also told us that Rob was @pattinsonRT, Taylor is @officialTL, Anna Kendrick is @kendrickanna and Nikki Reed is @nhoustonreed (that’s one we hadn’t heard before!). These deets make us REALLY question new Dakota, since KStew and RPattz have long denied any Twitter involvement. 

So back to the battle. Dakota called out FakeKStew and FakeKStew responded, “F__k you! I was having fun pretending to be Kristen!” then she went on about how we were all suckers and that she is a big fan and wanted to support Kristen, etc. Wowza. Eventually, the profile was deleted, prompting Dakota to say, “That Kristen fake is deleted!” 

So now we’re all supposed to follow @KristenStewart9. A name that sounds remarkably similar to @DakotaFanning9. We’re thinking the two fakers were in cahoots and that this is all a rouse to get us to follow another fake KStew. Or the same one under a new name. (Our inquiries as to how fake KStew knew the “real” Dakota Fanning went unanswered.)

Meanwhile, we’ll follow all of our new @ Twilight friends and see what they have to say. If nothing else, we’re constantly entertained by the fakers (who must all know each other, because they all constantly tweet about how much they love candy, which is just weird.)

Stay tuned to ATWIM to keep on top of this ever-evolving story. And follow us at @AwesomeTM! (Seriously. We’re not a faker.)

I Want My NMtv!

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By now you’ve all heard the news, dear reader(s): The 2009 Mtv Movie Awards will include the world premiere of footage from New Moon as presented by RPattz, KStew and Tay-La. Let’s just let that fact sink in for a minute. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! 

Ok, I’m good.

Anyhoo, since the announcement of this freaking fantastic news, I, Co-Creator A, have had trouble sitting still. I honestly had to make myself stop thinking about it for a few days because the anticipation was getting to be too much for me. But now that I’ve calmed down a bit and there are only THREE DAYS standing between me and the footage (I’m having trouble breathing), I’ve channeled my energy into a To Do list that I think all Twi-abetics can seriously benefit from.

1. Possibly the most important: Tweeting while watching TV. Luckily, my typing skills are pretty boss, so I’ve mastered typing without looking at the keys. What I have not mastered, however, is typing while screaming like a 12-year-old at a JoBros concert and wiping the drool off my chin while doing so. I’m going to have to practice that for a few days if I am going to properly Tweet the whole experience for ATM! (Follow us!!) And you know I am!

2. Snacks. Normally, all of my big TV moments are accented by two things—wine and sushi. This brings up a tricky sitch: do I order the sushi ahead of time and let it sit til I get hungry (which won’t happen til way after New Moon footage) or do I order it and pray it doesn’t arrive at the same time as my beloved Edward? So many decisions when it comes to dinner time for the human!

3. The Hills Finale. Seriously, Mtv, did you have to put me on sensory overload that night? I’ll be crying like an idiot after saying goodbye to LC (don’t judge) and then I’ll have to go directly into Twi-hard mode and be elated! Plus how will it affect the Red Carpet, which normally runs the hour before an event? It’s when we get to see the celebs in all their finery, enjoy their witty and often embarrassing banter with reporters and most importantly, it’s always where Rob looks his best! (Though something tells me the bulk of my Red Carpet watching time will be spent throwing things at the TV when KStew is onscreen and screaming for RPattz and Tay-La when they aren’t. At least I’m consistent.) My point here, is that if The Hills finale runs the hour before the awards, then when will Mtv show me my live arrivals?? WHEN WHEN WHEN???

4. Letter campaign. Sure, sure, we love our three leads, but what about the other Twi-lebrities? Will they be in attendance? We can only hope the entire Cullen clan makes a family trip of it and shows up together. (Wouldn’t that be adorable??) To further their exposure, I’ve joined Co-Creator M in a letter writing campaign to replace performer Eminem with Jackson Rathbone’s band, 100 Monkeys. Sorry, Marshall. You’re last decade’s news. 

5. Vocal warm ups. I’m going to have to reserve my voice for the intense amount of screaming I’ll be doing that night (BURN, neighbors!!), so from this point on, I will only communicate via text, IM, Twitter and FB chat. Unless Rob Pattinson calls me. Then I’ll break my own treaty.

The Mtv Movie Awards air Sunday, May 31, at 9pm. Don’t forget to vote for Twilight in all 6 of its categories!

Howl at the (New) Moon

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Just like you, dear Twlight fans, we often find ourselves defending the intense awesomeness that is the Twilight Saga to our male friends. No matter how much we champion the bone-crushing fights (Bella DID get her leg broken), fast cars and reckless driving, alluring, beautiful female vamps, and of course, the baseball-related undertones, they can’t seem to get past the chick-flickiness of the movie. (Or maybe it’s our constant male comparisons to one Mr. Robert Pattison. We’re not quite sure.)  In any case, we here at ATWIM are constantly searching for new ways to increase male viewership. Not only because we would hate to deny them of the movie’s awesomeness, but—and most importantly—to secure ourselves dates for multiple viewings of New Moon (because let’s be honest, ladies…it will get expensive paying to see it in theaters 16 times).

41GlByFzNgL__SS500_Ever on the boy-enticing prowl (wolf pun intended),  we cyber-stumbled upon this amazing Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt from Sure, sure, it looks like your average Napoleon Dynamite-inspired thrift store tee (you know, the sort of thing those emo kids on the New Moon poster might wear ironically), but just like Jacob’s wolf pack, it has a much higher purpose. After reading the 200+ customer reviews, it’s apparent that this seemingly mundane shirt captures the essence and allure of our favorite wolf pack in ways even we true fans cannot fathom. Take shirt wearer (and soon to be Twilight fan) Bee Dot Govern, for instance: “I arrived at Wal-mart, mounted my courtesy-scooter (walking is such a drag!) sitting side saddle so that my wolves would show. While I was browsing tube socks, I could hear aroused asthmatic breathing behind me. I turned around to see a slightly sweaty dream in sweatpants and flip-flops standing there. She told me she liked the wolves on my shirt, I told her I wanted to howl at her moon. She offered me a swig from her mountain dew, and I drove my scooter, with her shuffling alongside out the door and into the rest of our lives. Thank you wolf shirt.”

Just like Jacob once (briefly) had Bella’s heart, Bee Dot Govern got his own heavy-breathing, slightly unkempt (BURN, KStew!!) leading lady. And just like Jacob saved Bella many times, the power of the wolf shirt helped David Luzader save a choking man’s life. Finally! Now guys will see that we love the Quileute wolf pack for more than just being shirtless and hot (though we def love them for those reasons too. Mmm, wolf pack.).

So ladies, add a little wolf to your wardrobe, because thanks to the magic of this shirt—for a mere $9.14—you’ll have your guy pledging his alliance to Team Jacob and imprinting on you in no time! And if all goes according to plan, by November he’ll be so enthralled with all that is Twilight that he might even plan on dressing like Edward for your big New Moon date night.

Editors’ Note: If you’re not Team Jacob, check out our Team Switzerland Awesome Teen Shirts.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone

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During one of our frequent “just in case RPattz shows up” pub crawls (which have become more and more frequent—like every night frequent—now that New Moon has wrapped filming), Co-Creator A and I found ourselves mingling with the skinny jean-wearing crowd at a local dive bar, waiting for the band-of-the-night to come on stage.  With Co-Creator A wearing her usual KStew plaid and ’80s sunglasses and me looking like her Nikki Reed sidekick (I mean, you can never be too prepared when stalking Rob), I couldn’t help but notice that we weren’t the only ones in the crowd who resembled the Stephenie Meyer-imagined characters. (Though it’s safe to say we were the only ones doing it on purpose.)
My face went from confused Jasper to excited Alice when I noticed that beside me stood Laurent and across the room was Carlisle.  What were they doing there?! Especially when Canada is so far away! Their filming schedule certainly wouldn’t permit them the travel time.  But then it (breaking) dawned on me that the two were not who I’d thought they were, and I was quickly transported back to the real world. 

Since then, both Co-Creator A and I have continued to see our favorite Twilight characters around town.  Just the other day, Co-Creator A laid poolside next to Quil Ateara, and we both could have sworn that Charlie was buying wind chimes at a Saturday afternoon festival (and we thought he was only into sports and fishing!). 

Even though we know it’s all in our head, we will blissfully continue to pretend that we live in Forks, if only to find ourselves a Taylor Lautner look alike that’s a little closer to our own age.

That is, until we see the likeness of Renesmee.  That would totally freak us out.




Our version of Quil welcomes a break from the rainy LaPush weather.