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So get ready for some seriously shocking information, gang: A has been hanging out with a guy. Yeah. It’s like I have a social life or something!

Anyway, said guy—as is the case with most—doesn’t “get” Twilight. That’s fine. We don’t expect everyone to understand where we’re coming from. The guy is great, we have lots in common, but also lots not in common. (A combo that I think is good, for the record.) For instance, tonight he is taking me to a heavy metal concert. I’m currently listening to Taylor Swift. You see where I’m going with this.

Last night we were at a bar, where again he reiterated his confusion about my interest in all things Twi, claiming it’s for teenage girls (sha!) and that it didn’t make any sense for me to like it as much as I do. A few minutes later, this girl with tats and a black hoodie and skinny jeans (you know, very KStew) came up to talk to him. Evidently her fiance is the lead singer of a local metal band, so they chatted about stuff for a few minutes and I sat there feeling very prissy and out of place in my dress and boots, thinking that this girl must think I’m a total ahole or something. But then, she turned to face me and I saw it. On the bottom of her hoodie….a Twilight pin.

I almost squealed! But composed myself and said, “I like your pin.” To which she responded, “no, wait.” and unzipped her hoodie to reveal AN EDWARD T-SHIRT!!!!

Said guy was more than shocked. He was flumoxed. He was flabbergasted. The girl and I talked Twilight as he sat in disbelief. (PS her fiance’s name is Jacob and she’s Team Edward….oh the irony!) I told her that he was taking me to a metal show and that I fully intended to wear my Team Edward shirt to be sure I didn’t lose my identity. She said she was going to be at the show too and would wear hers as well.

She walked back to her table, leaving me and my completely disgusted date at our table. I was so giddy about the exchange I couldn’t stop giggling. Then she came back over and put a pin with Edward and Bella down on the table and said she wanted me to have it. I immediately put it on my dress and all was right with the world.

It just goes to show, you can’t judge a book by its cover. Unless that cover has a pair of hands holding an apple on it.


Now She’s Just Messing With Us…

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So you know the Bracelet-gate theory, Twi-hards: After their alleged rendezvous-es (most notably post Twi-Conn), KStew and RPattz like to swap this black bracelet. (If that’s what they’re really doing, we gotta say it’s kinda LAME!) Anyhoo, we have thought from the beginning they were doing it to mess with the press (and the devoted Robsten supporters), and now we think we were right all along. To make it even more frustrating for us playing along at home, KStew rocked about a thousand of the darn things last night at the Teen Choice Awards. Touche, Stewart. Touche.


Wonder where Rob was hiding his last night. Hehehe.

Wonder where Rob was hiding his last night. Hehehe.

More on our TCA thoughts later. It’s a busy day at the ATWIM offices! Working on some drinking game quotes…keep your fingers crossed!!

Peter Facinelli’s Twilight Drinking Game Amendment

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While she was on the phone with Peter Facinelli yesterday, Co-Creator A told him all about the Twilight Drinking Game we created for ATM. (He thought it was great, PS. Duh!) We asked if he’d be willing to give us a Carlisle-related drinking rule for New Moon. (He was, but you’ll have to wait for November for that one, Twi-hards. Ha!) This was his response:

“First, I gotta give you one for Twilight: Everytime I put my hand on Rob’s shoulder. Rob and I would joke about that all the time. In the script it was always like ‘Carlisle comes in, puts his hand on his son’s shoulder.’ So Rob and I would always laugh because I’d be like every time I come in, I’m supposed to put my hand on your shoulder…like that’s a fatherly gesture. And whenever I see Rob now, I put my hand on his shoulder and we laugh.”

Not only did Peter Facinelli give us TWO—count them, TWO—drinking game rules, he gave us an RPattz antecdote!! It was like winning the lottery three times in one day!


Peter teaches Kellan the rules of the game...

Peter teaches Kellan the rules of the game...

PS Co-Creator M obvs isn’t the only one with mad Photoshop skills! Ha!

New EMO-on

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As most of you know by now, dear reader(s), the official poster for New Moon has been released to the public. I, Co-Creator A—despite going to bed at 3am—set my alarm for 6:45 so I would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for the 7am release. (I settled for groggy and semi-functional.) What I saw when I clicked on Twi-site after Twi-site baffled me.

Ok, maybe baffled isn’t the right word. Afterall, I knew what the formula would be: one part sad Bella, one part angsty Edward, one part wolfy and protective Jacob. The one thing I didn’t take into account: the emo factor.

I realize that Kstew’s and Rpattz’s (and consequently all other cast members’) wardrobe choices probably have set a precedent for the saga’s overall feeling. They all love their skinny jeans and plaid flannels (the latter of which at least makes sense geographically) and they spend a lot of time listening to (and making) the angsty music that was a constant source of inspiration to Stephenie Meyer. But that poster? Really, Summit? It’s like an ad for Hot Topic!

Not only does Edward look ridiculously pale and sickly—not to mention he’s wearing more makeup than Lady GaGa on a performance day—he’s standing like a kid who would certainly be picked last for kickball (a shame given his awesome baseball skills). Jacob, in addition to looking way too angry for Jacob in most of that book/film, has red eyes (aren’t those reserved for vamps??) and rather than rocking his easily-tethered-to-his-ankle sweat pants, is wearing something straight out of Seth Cohen’s wardrobe. Also, his arm looks oddly harry. A reference, we can assume, to his wolfiness, but an unnecessary and overly literal one.

In fact Bella—and you know it takes a lot for me to say this—looks remarkably pretty (well done, retouchers! BURN, Stewart!), and is the most normal of the bunch!

Showcasing the three stars in all their emo glory makes us wonder: Will Emmett rock guy-liner a la Pete Wentz? Will Rosalie channel her inner hipster and trade in her designer labels for Jenny Humphry-esque Urban Outfitters frocks? And will Jasper look exactly like he did in his recent Nylon Magazine shoot?

Maybe it was the early wake up call, maybe it was the fact that I had a little too much wine the night before, or maybe it was my ridiculously high expectations, but this emo-tastic nonsense just didn’t do it for me. In fact, it makes ME want to run off to Italy. (And not just so I can sneak into RPattz and Kellan’s shared hotel room. Co-Creator A sandwich! You’re welcome RPattz and KLutz..)

What did you guys think of the poster??


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Turns out we don’t have to wait til Novemeber (or even until the trailor premiere in August) for our first look at New Moon!!!! RPattz, KStew and Tay-La (awesomeTM pending) will present a minute-long clip from the film at the Mtv Movie Awards on May 31. We believe we speak for all of us when we say:



For more, check out the link to one of our fave Twi-sites!


UPDATE: If that weren’t enough, the official New Moon poster is said to debut TOMORROW!! Co-Creator A received some bad intel that it would happen this past weekend, making her a total dud at the bars (Google alerts sent straight to cell phones are a dangerous thing!), but according to another fave Twi-site, it’s tomorrow!!! REJOICE!!!! (It better not suck!)

Happy Birthday, Rob!!!!

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We at ATWIM would like to wish Rob Pattinson a very happy 23rd birthday! We know you love him just as much as we do, so we’ve created this handy and very celebratory birthday shot. Replace KStew’s missing face with your own and tell all your friends how much fun you had ushering in the big 2-3 with RPattz! Just remember to mention specifics from your evening to make your story more believable: Say that the two of you chain smoked the night away, while he awkwardly posed for photos with fans, all the while singing Van Morrison songs in your ear and swigging from his bottle of Heineken.

rob bday copy 2

Trash Talking

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As many of you already know, a woman in St. Louis recently found the scripts to New Moon and Eclipse in a dumpster. (What said woman was doing rooting through the trash, we’re not entirely sure.) Anyhoo, she reportedly wrestled with the idea of sending them to a tabloid (and making zillions of bucks, no doubt), but decided to send the scripts back to Summit Entertainment, which will not confirm nor deny if the scripts are authentic until the films are released. To thank her for her honesty, Summit is sending her to the premieres of the films. LUCKY, JERK!!

This got us thinking: maybe it would pay off to start scouring dumpsters ourselves. We live in a town with a decent amount of location shooting (Ashton Kutcher’s here this month), so maybe we would luck into some Twi-swag ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a script, it could be a used Rosalie wig or one of the sticks K-Stew keeps up her rear end (BURN, Stewart!!)

Ok, that was gross, but let’s be honest: we’d spend a week up to our eyeballs in last week’s coffee grinds in exchange for a night on the red carpet with RPattz and Taylor Lautner!

(PS shouldn’t he have his own nickname at this point? We now dub him Tay-La! Feel free to help us start that trend!)