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Gone After November

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Forgive us, dear reader(s), it’s been more than 2 years since our last post. HOLY CRAP THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT?!?! Wow. Yeeeesh, you guys. Yeeeeeeeeesh. Ok, now that that’s out of the way.

How perfect is it that as I sat down to write this post, Gone Till November by Wyclef came on. It seems so appropriate. Except it’s more like Gone After November. Sigh.

So, dear reader(s), I (I being A) am back to Twi-blog one last time before we lay our favorite film saga to rest. Sure, like an undead vamp, Twilight will live on via DVD, Blue-Ray, Kindels, iPads, Nooks…wow. Technology, am I right? Point being, today is the last time (presumably) that I can say “I’m going to see the new Twilight movie!” That sucks. It suuuuuuuuuucks. Remember when you read Breaking Dawn and you cried hysterically when you got to that last page. You know, the one with the words “The End” poignantly printed in bold, final black ink? That’s kind of how this feels. But symbolically.

It’s weird. After making Twilight my Twi-life for so long, it hasn’t hit me yet that this is the end. Granted, I haven’t been as active in the last couple years. (Obvs.) I got a full-time job writing and doing PR for a company which I won’t mention. But I will say that KStew is wearing our products in at least one of these pics. Possibly both.

Just because I haven’t been blogging doesn’t mean I haven’t been fan-girling. I still have all my posters lovingly hung around my apartment. (This could explain my single status.) I’ve adamantly defended the reconciliation of Robsten. (Don’t tell me he shouldn’t take her back or that it’s a publicity stunt. THEY ARE IN LOVE. DAMMIT. IN. LOVE.)

Anyhoozles, back to the point at hand. Today I will see Breaking Dawn Part 2. At 4pm. EST. Today will be my final “new Twilight movie”…until ABC Family inevitably makes a rom-com about Nessie and her new super-cute now-the-same-age-as-her-kinda-sorta-so-it’s-OK-by-Disney-standards boyfriend Jake (played by someone from the supporting cast of Camp Rock 7: The Jonas Brothers Aren’t in This One). Oh, and I think we all know in 5 years the CW will launch a new series called, like, “Forks”…the story of a town where something’s not quite right with that attractive Cullen family, the new girl in town is mysterious, clumsy and intriguing and it rains all the time. But they’ll throw in some new twist like Edward is also fresh out of juvie because he hit a homeless guy with his Volvo while hopped up on enough bath salts to think he’s invincible. But it wasn’t bath salts and he didn’t just think he’s invincible. He is. Because he’s a vampire. And that hobo was going to hurt an innocent elderly woman. Or something. Details are still being hammered out. But this might actually work…so it’s TM. Got that? TM. Legally binding. Dibbsies.

I have mixed feelings about today’s screening. First off, the second half of Breaking Dawn (excluding vampire sex) is like my least favorite thing. So many vampires. So many battle scenes. Weird stuff happens. And I’m not gonna lie, I still don’t quite understand a couple plot points (that hybrid kid from the Amazon…still foggy on the details of his age and maturation status). Plus, as I’ve mentioned THIS IS THE END, FOLKS. So while I’m excited for two hours with my favorite un-dead couple (spoiler?), I’m not looking forward to hours of what US Magazine called “jaw-droppingly violent” battle scenes and the forced farewell that will roll with credits. And this surprise ending that’s kept me off the Internet and Twitter since Thursday? I’m nervous, guys. Nervous. What are they gonna do?? Kill Bella? Kill Edward? Kill Jake?? Originally, I thought it would be some cute retrospective of scenes from the previous movies. Like Bella’s human memories flood back set to a Christina Perri song and we all cry and grin and hug strangers because we lived through all of this together. (I actually got goosebumps writing that…nerd alert.)

But now I think it’s going to be some kind of crazy plot twist that changes everything and makes me leave sad or angry or confused. More confused than I am about that Amazon kid’s age and maturation status. Seriously…anyone else have a hard time with that one?!?

The wondering is killing me, but the wait isn’t. To paraphrase the great Paula Cole, I WANNA wait. I don’t want this to be over. As weird as it may sound to non-Twi-hards, this is the end of an era.

So, until we meet again…or until Steph finishes Midnight Sun and we all converge on theaters to see the whole thing start over again from Edward’s POV…it’s been quite a ride, dear reader(s). Thanks for sharing it with us.

Here’s hoping the surprise ending is the worthy final bow our friends in Forks deserve. See you on the other side.

The End.


Family Matters

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In what might prove to be a fatal mistake for the company Blackberry, we set our google alerts to tell us whenever something related to Twilight hit the web. We included such search criteria as Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Bella Swan…even Forks, WA made the cut (did you know they’re rennovating Forks High School? We did.). Between all the email alerts clogging up our computer inbox and the beeping coming from our phones, it’s been a busy (and noisy) time around the ATWIM offices.

As obnoxious as all this might seem (moreso to our not-so-Twilight-friendly pals than to us), it has helped us realize we have a problem. (No, not that we’re too addicted to Twilight…that’s not possible, duh!) In fact, all this news flashing has proven to us that we like our Twilight facts, folks and figures contained. We like to keep it all in the (Cullen) family. For instance…

Yesterday, we received an email letting us know that Summit Entertainment has announced Rob Pattinson will star in “this generation’s Love Story,” a film called Remember Me, written by the heralded screenwriter of Rachel Getting Married. 

Sure, sure, this is great news for RPattz. He’s finally going to be more than just Edward Cullen…a Hollywood leading man in his own right. His career will benefit exponentially. But that’s just our problem. We don’t want him to be anything other than Edward. Don’t get us wrong, we love the guy and wish him all the success in the world, but only if it comes by delivering lines like “you are my life now.” If he takes the summer off to shoot this new film (which, thankfully, wraps in time for him to return to Vancouver to shoot Eclipse), we lose our Edward fix for three whole months! He will remove himself from his proverbial Edward suit to don a new persona with a questionable dialect and that just doesn’t sit well with us. 

We can’t stress this enough, we wish nothing but the best for the whole cast and crew of Twilight, but couldn’t they achieve that by sticking close to Forks? (Hell, even the Cullens found a way to stay there!) And you know you agree. Did you read Stephenie Meyer’s other book, The Host? We didn’t either. But we, like you, are on red alert (as is our Amazon account) waiting for the loooooooong-awaited release of The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide. Who wants to read about the other voices in SM’s head? Not us!

It’s this same logic that permits us to follow the oft-buzzed about love triangle between RPattz, Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart, but makes us scream into our pillows when we read about his rumored exploits with the likes of Paris Hilton and Natalie Portman. We like when the stars keep it in the family…it perpetuates the Twilight world we’ve created (and occasionally choose to live in) in our heads. We love that the cast goes out together. We love pics of KStew, Nikki and Taylor Lautner shopping together. We can’t get enough of the cast spottings at Jackson Rathbone’s band’s shows or Nikki’s BFF’s Dill’s concerts. And knowing that they were all hanging out together in their Canadian hotel rooms playing music and possibly Twittering  makes us happier than Edward on his wedding day…or Alice behind the wheel of her Porsche 911 Turbo! But then we had to go and read that Taylor might be dating Selena Gomez, who we needn’t remind you, has no role in anything Twilight-related. (In fact, she plays a wizard, not a vampire. Not even a werewolf!)

Is the solution to end our Google alert subscription? No way! Then we’d never know that Kellan Lutz likes to consider Rob his brother when filming their scenes together so he can properly portray their bond and that reading the never-published ‘Emmett and the Bear’ chapter of Twilight helped him understand the relationship. Is realizing that these are just actors portraying characters from a book the key? Heck no! We’d never have anything to talk about if we went and did something silly like that.

No, we think the answer is simple: the cast and crew of Twilight should accept the fact that they are and always will be just that. If only in our minds. 

Is that so much to ask? We didn’t think so.