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Eclipse, Drinking Games and Hotel Romping w/ a Volturi…

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Ok, not really, but I got your attention, didn’t I? Read on to find out what the fuss is about…

Today is the day! Today is the day! All that stands between me and an advanced screening of Eclipse is 8 1/2 hours. Yeesh that seems like an eternity right now. I am SO freaking excited. Obviously I won’t be able to post my feelings on the movie until later in the week, but in the meantime, a few random Twi-notes.

1. Last night I stayed up way too late re-reading Eclipse. I was on page 173 when I started and while I didn’t finish—eventually I just started re-reading scenes I’m looking forward to—I made a serious dent, which means I’m running on nothing but adrenaline (and a some delicious Dunkin Donuts coffee) today. Despite my lack of sleep I seriously cannot keep from bouncing in my chair, which I am sure my co-workers find totally normal.

2. Speaking of my co-workiers finding things totally normal, I brought the Edward doll to work today. Why? I don’t know. But I just felt like if ever there was a day to have him by my side—and look like a total psycho weirdo to those around me—today was the day! Right now, he’s overseeing product development. That Edward!

What a sick, masochistic knitted doll....

3. Saturday night, some friends and I hit up TwiNight for the New Moon screening. (NOTE: I do not condone open containers, underage drinking, drinking in public places that are not bars, or loud talking during Twi-films.) (ANOTHER NOTE: my friends and I ARE of age.) Now that that’s out of the way, I gotta level with you people: we made some delicious alcoholic concoctions and brought them in water bottles and enjoyed a rousing rendition of the New Moon Drinking Game under the stars. I have to say: I’ve never played my own game before. The Twilight game, yes, but I was much less Twi-Drinking Game savvy at the time and had yet to get rules from P-Fatch, so that one’s MUCH tamer than New Moon, which has over 20 rules. And I will tell you: that drink every time someone is wearing plaid rule is a killer! People wear plaid in that movie like people wear plaid on set in Vancouver! It’s crazy! Halfway through, the plaid rule became the most hysterical thing ever and our obnoxious laughter probably ruined the experience for some of the folks around us. That said, the ear-piercing screaming (mostly for Tay, interestingly enough…settle down, there, soccer moms, he’s jailbait) probably drowned out our obnoxious laughter.

Bella and the bottle: The New Moon Drinking Game.

4. And speaking of TwiNight, I had a little tete-a-tete with a certain member of the Volturi in a hotel suite before the screening. We all know that I am OBVIOUSLY Team Edward/Team Rob, with a certain sexual loyalty to Team Emmett/Team Kellan (especially dark-haired, non-bowlcut Team Kellan), but I have joined a new team: Team Felix/Team Daniel Cudmore. Holy effing nearly 7 feet of hotness. I went in there knowing he’d be attractive, but SWEET JESUS, I was not expecting the level of attractive my wondering eyes fell upon. Yeeesh. I mean. Yeeeeeeesh. And he couldn’t have been nicer! I’ll let you guys know when the full story is running in the paper and link you, after that I’ll be able to post our whole convo for you. I am almost scared to listen to my tape recorder because I know I spent way too much time giggling like a school girl and getting lost in the visible plains of his sculpted chest under his t-shirt. Sigh. Wait, what was I saying? Ah yes, super nice! We joked around a lot and he was really cute about the Eclipse Drinking Game rule question. He took it very seriously (as most cast members do. Seriously, I interview these people about real stuff and they fire off answers but when it comes to drinking game rules, they take their time.) He even put his head down on the table for some serious rule contemplation. In the end, he came up with a short and simple rule that he claims will have everyone on the floor very early in the film. I’ll post it along with the rest of the game this weekend after I’ve done my proper research. (Read: when I have seen the movie several times in a very short period.) And while I don’t often (ever?) post pics of myself on this site (anonymity is key when Twi-blogging), I feel the need to post the sheer hotness that is Dan Cudmore. Especially since I’m pretty sure my legit job will not. PS when I asked if we could take a pic together, he was super nice about it and even offered to hold the camera MySpace style AND posed us in front of the Eclipse poster in the room. I made some comment about with him holding the camera up we were going to look like giants (the man is 6’8″!) and he said, “did you just call me a giant?” I was like, “no, I mean, I did, but I didn’t mean it like that.” Awwwwwkward. But he laughed and was super nice. He also retook the picture a couple times because he kept not liking it, LOL. In the end I promised not to tag him in it. You know, like we’re friends on Facebook. Cause we could be, you never know. Also, in true A fashion, I dropped the cap to my water bottle as I was leaving. Since I was wearing a completely appropriate super-short dress and my highest wedges (to lessen the distance between our faces, natch) bending over to pick up the cap was a total loser moment. There was some bizarre squatting involved. Then he reached out to shake my hand and thank me and I shook his and said, “I have a cap in my hand.” Smooth, A.

It's like a prom pic. But without the formalwear!

Ok, so I’ll report back tomorrow with no actual information on Eclipse, just a regular old post that might mention how freaking awesome it is. Because we already know that much anyway. Ahhhhh!!! So excited!!!


Con Woman, Part 2

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The day has arrived! It’s the first day of Twi-Con in Atlanta and I have to be honest with you, dear reader(s): I’m a little nervous. I’m starting to question my level of devotion, here. I mean sure, sure, I write a Twilight blog, that should get me some bonus points. And I did freak out over a phone call from Carlisle Cullen last week. So I guess I’m not SO out of my comfort zone. But still. This is going to be a pretty intense weekend and I’m doing it all without Co-Creator M! Gah!

I’ll be checking in at the Con around noon and for the rest of the weekend, I’ll be Twittering as much as I can. Be sure to follow our ATM Twitter account, @AwesomeTM, so you can keep up with all the vampy fun and Twit-pic-ing!

[This is] my life now 😉

P.S. Today is P-Fac’s day in town, so while I don’t think he’ll actually be taking me out for dinner, I’m hoping to say hi. Want me to deliver any messages?

Family Matters

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In what might prove to be a fatal mistake for the company Blackberry, we set our google alerts to tell us whenever something related to Twilight hit the web. We included such search criteria as Stephenie Meyer, Robert Pattinson, Bella Swan…even Forks, WA made the cut (did you know they’re rennovating Forks High School? We did.). Between all the email alerts clogging up our computer inbox and the beeping coming from our phones, it’s been a busy (and noisy) time around the ATWIM offices.

As obnoxious as all this might seem (moreso to our not-so-Twilight-friendly pals than to us), it has helped us realize we have a problem. (No, not that we’re too addicted to Twilight…that’s not possible, duh!) In fact, all this news flashing has proven to us that we like our Twilight facts, folks and figures contained. We like to keep it all in the (Cullen) family. For instance…

Yesterday, we received an email letting us know that Summit Entertainment has announced Rob Pattinson will star in “this generation’s Love Story,” a film called Remember Me, written by the heralded screenwriter of Rachel Getting Married. 

Sure, sure, this is great news for RPattz. He’s finally going to be more than just Edward Cullen…a Hollywood leading man in his own right. His career will benefit exponentially. But that’s just our problem. We don’t want him to be anything other than Edward. Don’t get us wrong, we love the guy and wish him all the success in the world, but only if it comes by delivering lines like “you are my life now.” If he takes the summer off to shoot this new film (which, thankfully, wraps in time for him to return to Vancouver to shoot Eclipse), we lose our Edward fix for three whole months! He will remove himself from his proverbial Edward suit to don a new persona with a questionable dialect and that just doesn’t sit well with us. 

We can’t stress this enough, we wish nothing but the best for the whole cast and crew of Twilight, but couldn’t they achieve that by sticking close to Forks? (Hell, even the Cullens found a way to stay there!) And you know you agree. Did you read Stephenie Meyer’s other book, The Host? We didn’t either. But we, like you, are on red alert (as is our Amazon account) waiting for the loooooooong-awaited release of The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide. Who wants to read about the other voices in SM’s head? Not us!

It’s this same logic that permits us to follow the oft-buzzed about love triangle between RPattz, Nikki Reed and Kristen Stewart, but makes us scream into our pillows when we read about his rumored exploits with the likes of Paris Hilton and Natalie Portman. We like when the stars keep it in the family…it perpetuates the Twilight world we’ve created (and occasionally choose to live in) in our heads. We love that the cast goes out together. We love pics of KStew, Nikki and Taylor Lautner shopping together. We can’t get enough of the cast spottings at Jackson Rathbone’s band’s shows or Nikki’s BFF’s Dill’s concerts. And knowing that they were all hanging out together in their Canadian hotel rooms playing music and possibly Twittering  makes us happier than Edward on his wedding day…or Alice behind the wheel of her Porsche 911 Turbo! But then we had to go and read that Taylor might be dating Selena Gomez, who we needn’t remind you, has no role in anything Twilight-related. (In fact, she plays a wizard, not a vampire. Not even a werewolf!)

Is the solution to end our Google alert subscription? No way! Then we’d never know that Kellan Lutz likes to consider Rob his brother when filming their scenes together so he can properly portray their bond and that reading the never-published ‘Emmett and the Bear’ chapter of Twilight helped him understand the relationship. Is realizing that these are just actors portraying characters from a book the key? Heck no! We’d never have anything to talk about if we went and did something silly like that.

No, we think the answer is simple: the cast and crew of Twilight should accept the fact that they are and always will be just that. If only in our minds. 

Is that so much to ask? We didn’t think so.