Total Eclipse of the Start

Ok, that title wasn’t my best work, but with only 54 days until the premiere of Eclipse (thank you, widget), the media blitz has begun. Between yesterday’s Oprah taping, today’s LA Times blog post and all the Internet buzz surrounding KStew’s Elle Magazine cover (which, BTW, I’m not reading or looking at until my copy comes in the mail, so no spoilers!!), this is the start of the final countdown to the movie! Woo! And then we only have to wait a year and a half for the next installment. Yay?

Ok, quick interruption of my own blog post: BOO!!! I was supposed to see 100 Monkeys with a friend of mine who is a hardcore fan (as in she hates Twilight but loves the band…yes, the band. And is friends with…wait for it…the band. Meaning I was THIS close to a drinking game rule from Jackson!). Anyhoo, the show got postponed because their van was going to blow up or something (sounds about right) and the ticket folk just called to tell me the show is officially cancelled. BOO!!! I was SO close to that drinking game rule!!!! Urrrrrg!!!! Anyway, what was I saying?

In the time since my last post, many things have happened. Rob appeared on Jimmy Fallon in a hysterical Robert is Bothered sketch, proving once and for all that while Jimmy’s impression sounds nothing like Rob, it’s way funnier (on purpose) than actual Rob.

That same night, I learned that I should never watch a Rob interview in front of my boyfriend. Not only does he think I’m insane for loving Twilight (sha!), evidently he thinks I’m a little too giddy over Rob. Allegedly, I watched the entire interview sitting as close to the TV as humanly possible (perched on the edge of the ottoman), wringing my hands and curling my toes and giggling incessantly. I honestly thought he was going to dump me then and there. Lesson to the ladies out there: unless he’s put a ring on it, don’t Twi-freak in front of your fella.

We also got some news on Breaking Dawn: it’s not coming out til November 2011. Really? REALLY?! Yes, I get that it takes a long time to make a movie and I get that if this book is being made into ONE film the CGI alone could take a year and a half. (Though, I still think it should be shot in two parts. See my previous post on how.) Oh well, at least this gives us ample time to prepare ourselves for the final installment(s). Yeah, that was a lame silver lining. There is NO silver lining for this one. Boo, boo, boo! By the time that movie comes out, I’ll be 31 and a half. WAY too old to care. (As opposed to being 30 when Eclipse comes out and salivating with anticipation every day between now and June 30…oooh, 30 on the 30th! Such a sign!!!)

Ok, so the actual point of this post: Eclipse. By now, we’ve all seen the trailer (I would hope). I’ve gotta say it, and don’t go throwing your stuffed wolves at me here, I was underwhelmed. I wanted the trailer to be scary. Like 28 Days Later scary. I needed it to be scary enough that I could show it to the BF and say, “look! It’s a horror movie! It’s legit!” But it wasn’t scary. And I already miss Rachelle. (No offense, Bryce.) But, there’s hope for the scary! The cast members (especially Kellan) keep insisting that this is a dark, edgy, scary movie with lots of fighting and lots of suspense. Stephanie Meyer knows, they’ve seen more of the movie than I have, so hopefully they’re right and the trailer was just cut to please Twi-hards rather than newbies (read: dudes). Kellan said in that LA Times article that guys would be bringing their girlfriends to this one, so let’s hope he’s right.

On a related note, do you think Kellan would like to bring ME to the film? Nothing against my own BF, but Kellan might be more willing to overlook my curled toes. And I’m pretty sure he could do things to me that would make them curl. Mind out of the gutter, Twi-hards, I was referring to his smile. Sheesh!

BTW Happy birthday to one of our most loyal, long-time readers, Suzi!! Hope you’re having a great day!!


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