The OC Connection

With time on her hands, a need to occupy herself until 11:59PM on Nov. 19 and an apathy for work that develops whenever it rains here in Atlanta (which is about as often as it rains in Forks), A has been checking back in with her old friends in Newport. (For those of you who have moved beyond 2004, that’s where The OC takes place.) And in reconnecting with Ryan, Seth (sigh), Marissa and Summer, she’s discovered some crazy Twi-connections. Despite the fact that Forks is the wettest place in the continental U.S. and it never rains in Southern California.

We all know that Cam, Jackson and Nikki appeared on the show (though I stopped watching when Marissa died, so I haven’t actually seen most of those eps. Luckily, my friend Netflix will be sending them to me soon.), but the OC Connection goes much MUCH deeper. 



Ryan, I don't recommend pissing off James.


Exhibit A: The co-executive producer of The OC is no stranger to producing for network television. She’s also no stranger to Twihards. Ladies and gentlemen of the proverbial jury, may I present Twilight Saga screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg.

Exhibit B: Death Cab for Cutie penned “Meet Me on the Equinox” to perfectly portray (that was a lot of alliteration, nice work, A!) the heartbreaking breakup (spoiler alert? meh…) of Edward and Bella. But who was the original Death Cab fan? Seth Cohen! If it wasn’t for him, dare we say Death Cab wouldn’t be the household name it is today.

Exhibit C: Ok, so this one isn’t exactly Twilight-related, but it’s connected. Both Paul Wesley and Kayla Ewell of The Vampire Diaries appeared on The OC. The fact that Paul showed up in Orange County in 2003 and is now on the Vamp Diaries 6 years later proves he may actually be 17 forever. Good casting, CW!

And finally, and in what might be the most convincing connection of all, Exhibit D: Rachel Bilson who played Summer broke up with Adam Brody who played Seth (why on earth would you break up with Seth Cohen in real life?? Seriously!) and got engaged to Hayden Christensen, whom for the record, A does not find attractive. At all. That said, he’s how she pictured Edward while reading the books. And oddly, she still pictures EC that way despite her intense sexual attraction to Rob. It’s kind of sad, really. Point being, he’s the final connection in the OC/Twilight web. It’s like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, but without Kevin Bacon. But if you give me a few minutes, I’ll find a way to tie him in, too.

Can you think of any more OC connections? Post them in the comments!

Oh! Oh! Kevin Bacon was in Footloose, which is being remade with Chace Crawford. Chace Crawford stars on Gossip Girl which was created by Josh Schwartz who created The OC! And how is that related to Twilight you ask? Umm, did you NOT just read this post?!


3 Responses to “The OC Connection”

  1. Don’t forget that Justin Chon (Eric) was also on the OC. He played that asian superstar that went out with Summer.

  2. Mr. Molina the Biology teacher was played by Jose Zuniga who was also in the oc. He played one of Sandy Cohen’s co-workers. And since you threw in the vampire diaries I thought I’d mention that Katerina Graham also did an episode of the oc playing Jess'(Trey’s b*!%h) friend.

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