Twi Style

It’s no secret that A is a little obsessed with the off-camera wardrobe of our fav Twi-stars. Between all the plaid shirts, the skinny jeans and the v-neck tees, it’s enough to make a gal go crazy…or go shopping! (Amazingly, that sentence applies to both the guys and girls in the cast!)

This weekend, with the first paycheck from a new job burning a hole in her brand new saddlebag-style pocketbook, A hit the mall for some serious fall wardrobe shopping. And our friends in Vancouver were on her mind. (PS this is A writing this post…I’m just gonna go ahead and revert to first person. I’m confusing myself in the third.)

Anyhoo, I headed to the mall for some Twi Style shopping. First stop: Bloomies. I’ve had my eye on this red BCBGeneration dress for two months, ever since I noticed it in an issue of Lucky Magazine. It’s so KStew. I mean, it’s great for attending events for work. Ahem. 

my new dress is a combo of this look...

my new dress is a combo of this look...

...aaaand this one.

...aaaand this one.

Anyhoo, I had the salespeople on high alert to call me the minute it came in. And call they did. I ran in, tried it on, convinced myself it was as fab as I’d been dreaming it would be and made the purchase.

Rob? Ready to walk the carpet with me? Get your hand out of your hair!

Rob? Ready to walk the carpet with me? Get your hand out of your hair!

With my red carpet look in hand, I headed to Forever 21, a veritable Twilight cast member closet-full of hipster wanna-be duds. I was scouring the racks for the perfect plaid shirt—I’ve only ever found one I liked well enough to buy and it’s a men’s shirt. I like to tell people that Rob left if on my floor when he slept over. (Ok, I don’t really tell people that. Often.)—when I spotted the ultimate hipster wanna-be t-shirt. Black. V-neck. Questionable design on the front. It was as though Nikki Reed herself had handpicked this shirt for me. So I bought it. 

At $16.95, it was a little pricey for a cotton Forever 21 tee, but hey, what are you gonna do? When Nikki Reed says jump, I say how high? And I also ask her if this is part of the patented Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser training technique. I digress. 

As I made the purchase, I sent a quick email to a friend asking if I was too old to wear the shirt. (Editor’s note: I’m nearing the end of my 20s. You’re shocked, aren’t you? I know, I have such a youthful glow!) Sadly, said friend was at work and didn’t respond until long after I’d left the mall. Her response: “umm, yeah. Maybe a little. Hope you didn’t buy it!”

Too late! Ok, reader(s), so here it is: the shirt. Tell me what you think…and keep in mind that Forever 21 has a pretty strict no refund policy.

Nikki can I borrow this? Thanks, heart you, mean it! Hate your wig, mean it!

Nikki can I borrow this? Thanks, heart you, mean it! Hate your wig, mean it!

I think it’s fun and will look great with the skinny jeans I ordered from Neimans online (if they fit) and a pair of ankle boots. But then again, I thought KStew looked fab at Comic-Con. KIDDING!! 😉


One Response to “Twi Style”

  1. omg. I just read this. HAHAHAHA. I know you didn’t take it back. I’m (sadly) familiar with Forever 21’s return policy, too.

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