National Dog Day!

It’s National Dog Day today! So don’t forget to hug your favorite werewolf! Or at least offer them breakfast in a homemade dog bowl!


Hug me, it's Dog Day!

Hug me, it's Dog Day!


4 Responses to “National Dog Day!”

  1. What the heck? What’s that supposed to mean hug me it’s dog day!!!

  2. I want this pic in my lounge at home.. is there anywhere i can get it from or any1 that can sculpture it for me please..

  3. cute pic of jacob as a werewolf! jacob totally wins me off! i think that jacob should have ask bella to marry him not edward! and i also think jacob would kill to be with bella! jacob loves bella more than anything in the world! he loves her more than edward he wouldn’t have left her like edward! like come on bella look at ur self jacob so much better for you go for him.he won’t bite! yet. lolz

  4. Fantastic, very fantastic subject. I will write about it likewise.

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