Fri-Day, Twi-Day!

There’s a new phrase for the Twi-ctionary! Hehe. Anyhoo, A here. Yesterday was the first day of the Atlanta Twi-Con (and boy are my arms tired! Wait…) I’ll do a big wrap up post on Monday, but a few highlights:

1. Peter Facinelli and Billy Burke were adorable. If my dad was that hot, I’d never let him out of the house! Or pray I was adopted. This is getting weird. 

2. Met a girl who follows Kellan Lutz all over the country and has pictures of the two of them together in her purse. As in, IN her purse. The purse is made from the pictures. Intense. Hope she doesn’t mind me hooking up with him tonigh (BURN, Purse Girl!!).

3. Met Joy from Pattinson Online. She’s super fun and was equally confused by the lack of press-related structure at the Convention. Not to mention, she kindly let me use her computer when I somehow managed to fill a 4G memory card with pictures of Billy Burke. The whole thing. Told ya he was hot. (Oh, PS, he totally did the halo gesture, which I did not realize was such a fan favorite, but the reaction from the crowd was Beatles-on-Ed Sullivan-esque!)


Can we get those digits?? No, really. Please?

Can we get those digits?? No, really. Please?



4. The costumes from the film travel with the convention (though I think they’re re-creations). Edward and Bella Mannequins stand in the exhibit. If you want your picture taken with them, it’ll cost ya $5. Did I mention they’re not real? Yeah.

5. The hosts of the weekend are the cast of the Hillywood Show. They do movie parodies and I have to say, they’re pretty darn good as Bella, Edward, Jasper and Alice. Everytime I see Edward out of the corner of my eye, I do a double take. Plus they’re almost always in character, so it gets a little erie watching them walk through the crowd holding hands and looking all twitterpated. 

6. Today is Kellan Lutz day! Somehow, I have to figure out a way to sleep with him. I mean, ask him important journalistic questions about war, poverty and the paparazzi. Now what would a gal wear for that?

More to come! Check our flickr site for a few quick uploads from Friday! And don’t forget to follow us @AwesomeTM on Twitter!


Peter Facinelli. Hey, friend!




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