Con Woman, Part 2

The day has arrived! It’s the first day of Twi-Con in Atlanta and I have to be honest with you, dear reader(s): I’m a little nervous. I’m starting to question my level of devotion, here. I mean sure, sure, I write a Twilight blog, that should get me some bonus points. And I did freak out over a phone call from Carlisle Cullen last week. So I guess I’m not SO out of my comfort zone. But still. This is going to be a pretty intense weekend and I’m doing it all without Co-Creator M! Gah!

I’ll be checking in at the Con around noon and for the rest of the weekend, I’ll be Twittering as much as I can. Be sure to follow our ATM Twitter account, @AwesomeTM, so you can keep up with all the vampy fun and Twit-pic-ing!

[This is] my life now 😉

P.S. Today is P-Fac’s day in town, so while I don’t think he’ll actually be taking me out for dinner, I’m hoping to say hi. Want me to deliver any messages?


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