Con Woman

Hey, Twi-hards! Co-Creator A here. I wanted to remind everyone that this weekend, in some crazy Kismet-like turn of events, I will be covering the Atlanta Twi-Con for Sunday Paper. This means I have legitimate press access to all the Twi-abetic fun! I am trying to decide if it’s best to Tweet my experience from my personal Twitter account and risk losing followers who have no interest in what Kellan Lutz is wearing (mmm, Kellan!) or if it’s better to Tweet from the ATM account and risk not exposing Twilight v-card carriers to what is arguably the most exciting pop culture phenomenon since High School Musical 2. (We kid—it’s way better than HSM2, obvs!) Anyhoo, it will probably be from @AwesomeTM, so be sure to log in and follow us so as not to miss any of the action! Also, if there’s anything you guys want me to be sure to shoot or ask (if given the chance), let me know! I’m getting excited!!!


One Response to “Con Woman”

  1. i love twilight you should make like 100 of the movies cause me my sis and friends are in love with twilight.

    type be back if you can

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