The Twi-itter Wars (of the South)

As you know, dear reader(s), one of our favorite activities is following the Twi-ittering community. Real or fake, we follow them to see what sort of crazy things they’ll say. And while we know for a fact that most are not real, we still like watching the shannanigans. Today, stuff went down in the Twi-itter world and we had a front row seat for all the drama! 

@KristenJStewart, which we’ve long known not to be the real Kristen, but have always wondered if it’s her PR team or assistant because of her constant MySpace promotion, suggested everyone stop following @DakotaFanning because she was a faker, telling us instead to follow @DakotaFanning9. Then, @DakotaFanning9 dropped a bomb: she is in fact the real Dakota, but @KristenJStewart is NOT the real KStew!! Gasp!

Then, she told us that the real Kristen is @KristenStewart9. (Evidently real Twilight stars put a 9 in their names.) She also told us that Rob was @pattinsonRT, Taylor is @officialTL, Anna Kendrick is @kendrickanna and Nikki Reed is @nhoustonreed (that’s one we hadn’t heard before!). These deets make us REALLY question new Dakota, since KStew and RPattz have long denied any Twitter involvement. 

So back to the battle. Dakota called out FakeKStew and FakeKStew responded, “F__k you! I was having fun pretending to be Kristen!” then she went on about how we were all suckers and that she is a big fan and wanted to support Kristen, etc. Wowza. Eventually, the profile was deleted, prompting Dakota to say, “That Kristen fake is deleted!” 

So now we’re all supposed to follow @KristenStewart9. A name that sounds remarkably similar to @DakotaFanning9. We’re thinking the two fakers were in cahoots and that this is all a rouse to get us to follow another fake KStew. Or the same one under a new name. (Our inquiries as to how fake KStew knew the “real” Dakota Fanning went unanswered.)

Meanwhile, we’ll follow all of our new @ Twilight friends and see what they have to say. If nothing else, we’re constantly entertained by the fakers (who must all know each other, because they all constantly tweet about how much they love candy, which is just weird.)

Stay tuned to ATWIM to keep on top of this ever-evolving story. And follow us at @AwesomeTM! (Seriously. We’re not a faker.)


2 Responses to “The Twi-itter Wars (of the South)”

  1. awesometeenmag Says:

    UPDATE! Fake KStew is back on Twitter…@theFakeKristen!! Now she’s talking about being obsessed with KStew and Dakota, trying to fight with them and telling us NOT to follow her even though she made a whole new account and start posting under it. Dear Lord, this is more confusing than keeping track of all the vamps in Breaking Dawn!

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