Gone (Crazy) ’til November

Co-Creator A here, and I think you all know what this post is going to be about. Unless you were visiting family in Denali, you saw last night’s Mtv Movie Awards. I will attempt to say everything I need to do say before making another lap around my house, screaming “OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL NOVEMBER!!”

Deep breath.

Ok, firstly. Rob is ridiculously hot. No one can pull of a 1980s royal blue blazer (that may very well have been cut for a woman) like our RPattz. Swoon city! Confession: everytime he was on camera (which was about 8,000 times) I screamed and giggled like a schoolgirl. Seriously, it was like the second coming of the British Invasion in my living room. My dog was practically hiding in the bathtub. I digress.

Second, KStew. Here at ATWIM, we’ve made no secret of our dislike for KStew. However, last night she out KStew-ed herself and it made her kind of endearing. First she SHOCKED us with her complete not-awkwardness during the Best Kiss award. In fact, she looked downright confident while pretending to kiss Rob! (A hint that something really is happening with them??) When she presented the trailer, we welcomed back our old KStew as she shuffled her Converse (seriously, at least wear a pair of Sam & Libby’s!), stared at the floor and looked like she was considering making a break for it when it was her turn to say her lines, which she eventually mumbled to the floorboards. When she dropped her popcorn during her Best Actress acceptance speech, the tide changed for us. Anyone that bumbling and Bella-like has to be our friend. Heck, it looked like something I would have done! I can’t hate on that! When she recovered by saying, “so it was just about as awkward as you thought it would be,” we were sold. We kind of heart her now. 

Ok, enough about the wins (5 in total), time to say what we’re all thinking: The New Moon trailer was perfect!! PERFECT!!! I cannot say enough about how freaking perfect it was. (I think I need to take another screaming lap, BRB.) Phew. Ok, seriously. The CG was not at all cheesy, Tay-La looked amazing (so much so that I dreamt about making out with a 17-year-old, thanks Tay), Edward had no trace of a weird accent…it was all though all the stars aligned! Chris Weitz is definitely my hero right now!

So, now what? We have to wait until November to see the rest of the movie!!!! In the meantime, there’s a good chance I will wear a trail around my living room from all the running and screaming. That is, if I don’t get evicted for all the noise first. 

What did you think of the trailer?? Discuss!!


2 Responses to “Gone (Crazy) ’til November”

  1. Can;t wait til new moon!

  2. All I have to say is, that was one hell of a papercut.

    But it still looked awesome!

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