New Moon Clip Makes Us Say Ehhhhhh….

Ok, ATWIM fan(s), we HAVE to know. Did you watch the first 15 seconds of the New Moon preview on ET last night??? Co-Creator A watched it alone (why on earth M would pick THIS weekend to move is beyond me!!) and was NOT impressed. Not be a Rosalie about things, but not not not not not impressed. So not impressed A may or may not have teared up a little from the disappointment. It sure as HECK better get better after second 15. COME ON GUYS!!!!!! MAKE THIS ISH HAPPEN!!! 

In case you missed it, here’s the YouTube clip. We shall now open the floor to comments.


5 Responses to “New Moon Clip Makes Us Say Ehhhhhh….”

  1. is NOT enough!!,
    14 sec’s are you kidding me??? That’s just

  2. Not pleased. I keep wondering if that 15 second clip is supposed to be the best moment of the movie so far? You know, as in–make us want to see the rest…

  3. I am pretty sure that this´s a very mean way to torture me.

    although i find hilarious eyebrow thing

  4. awesometeenmag Says:

    That eyebrow raise was bizarre LOL. At least we know KStew hasn’t tried Botox yet!

  5. anybody know when we can get the official trailer ?

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