Forbidden Fruits??

On a non-Twilight-related trip to Border’s (yes, they happen occasionally), I, Co-Creator A, stumbled upon an entire corner of Twi-chandise, most of which was on sale (WTF?!). After chuckling to myself at the Edward doll (why buy one when M already knitted me one for my birthday!) and the other bizarre offerings, I saw an item so hysterically random that I couldn’t leave without it: a box of Twilight candy. Just like the traditional Valentine’s Day Conversation Hearts (incidentally, my  fave!), these little heart-shaped blobs of corn starch have sayings written on them, only these are all Twilight-related. 

To be fair, I haven’t opened them yet. I don’t know that I want to. But the box shows them saying things like “LAMB” and “BITE ME.” Some on the cover seem to sparkle (including one that says “DAZZLE”), but that might just be clever marketing. Or only possible in direct sunlight.

Anyhoo, purchasing a box of candy with Twilight pictures all over it and the phrase “The Forbidden Fruit Tastes The Sweetest” (why is that all capitalized? Do they not have copywriters at Sweethearts Candy Company??) can be a tad embarrassing. Especially when the grad school TA-looking clerk says “are these for you?” I considered lying, but explained that they were and that I thought they were hysterical. I then pointed out that the book was great. She said she’d seen the film and wasn’t impressed. I urged her to read the book and explained that it was much better and made the movie seem better. She nodded patronizingly, but I like to think she purchased it when I left. It made me feel very “pay it forward.” (Something tells me this is how Hare Krishnas feel at the end of the day.)

STOP THE PRESSES! I’ve just discovered that the side of the box says “Secret Scent Rub to Reveal…” Now, I’ll ignore the grammatical errors in that phrase and pose this question: am I supposed to rub the box or the candy? Because if I have to rub the candy in order to smell it, I think they’re doing something wrong. Not to mention, promoting serious germ-contamination. (BTW, just rubbed the box. Nothing. They must want me to rub the candy, afterall.)

At any rate, just thought I’d post a pic of the candy in question since we’re too busy training for the Mtv Movie Awards to actually write a post today. I’m off to rub up on some heart-shaped candies. 



did they really have to call it Forbidden Fruits??

did they really have to call it Forbidden Fruits??


One Response to “Forbidden Fruits??”

  1. Co-Creator M Says:

    I’ve always wondered what kinda price you pay for eating forbidden fruit. I mean, we all know what happened to Eve. Co-Creator A on the other hand, $1.99…that’s the price she paid. Kudos! (mmm….Kudos)

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