I Want My NMtv!

By now you’ve all heard the news, dear reader(s): The 2009 Mtv Movie Awards will include the world premiere of footage from New Moon as presented by RPattz, KStew and Tay-La. Let’s just let that fact sink in for a minute. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! 

Ok, I’m good.

Anyhoo, since the announcement of this freaking fantastic news, I, Co-Creator A, have had trouble sitting still. I honestly had to make myself stop thinking about it for a few days because the anticipation was getting to be too much for me. But now that I’ve calmed down a bit and there are only THREE DAYS standing between me and the footage (I’m having trouble breathing), I’ve channeled my energy into a To Do list that I think all Twi-abetics can seriously benefit from.

1. Possibly the most important: Tweeting while watching TV. Luckily, my typing skills are pretty boss, so I’ve mastered typing without looking at the keys. What I have not mastered, however, is typing while screaming like a 12-year-old at a JoBros concert and wiping the drool off my chin while doing so. I’m going to have to practice that for a few days if I am going to properly Tweet the whole experience for ATM! (Follow us!!) And you know I am!

2. Snacks. Normally, all of my big TV moments are accented by two things—wine and sushi. This brings up a tricky sitch: do I order the sushi ahead of time and let it sit til I get hungry (which won’t happen til way after New Moon footage) or do I order it and pray it doesn’t arrive at the same time as my beloved Edward? So many decisions when it comes to dinner time for the human!

3. The Hills Finale. Seriously, Mtv, did you have to put me on sensory overload that night? I’ll be crying like an idiot after saying goodbye to LC (don’t judge) and then I’ll have to go directly into Twi-hard mode and be elated! Plus how will it affect the Red Carpet, which normally runs the hour before an event? It’s when we get to see the celebs in all their finery, enjoy their witty and often embarrassing banter with reporters and most importantly, it’s always where Rob looks his best! (Though something tells me the bulk of my Red Carpet watching time will be spent throwing things at the TV when KStew is onscreen and screaming for RPattz and Tay-La when they aren’t. At least I’m consistent.) My point here, is that if The Hills finale runs the hour before the awards, then when will Mtv show me my live arrivals?? WHEN WHEN WHEN???

4. Letter campaign. Sure, sure, we love our three leads, but what about the other Twi-lebrities? Will they be in attendance? We can only hope the entire Cullen clan makes a family trip of it and shows up together. (Wouldn’t that be adorable??) To further their exposure, I’ve joined Co-Creator M in a letter writing campaign to replace performer Eminem with Jackson Rathbone’s band, 100 Monkeys. Sorry, Marshall. You’re last decade’s news. 

5. Vocal warm ups. I’m going to have to reserve my voice for the intense amount of screaming I’ll be doing that night (BURN, neighbors!!), so from this point on, I will only communicate via text, IM, Twitter and FB chat. Unless Rob Pattinson calls me. Then I’ll break my own treaty.

The Mtv Movie Awards air Sunday, May 31, at 9pm. Don’t forget to vote for Twilight in all 6 of its categories!


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