You’re Welcome, Dakota

So, we couldn’t think of a better casting choice for Jane than Dakota Fanning. Seriously, we thought it was an inspired decision from the beginning. That said, we think little ‘Kota needs to say a serious “gracias” to her vampy friends. Granted, Pre-NM, Dakota’s career was far from being in the toilet, unlike those of most of her child star peers (burn, WEBSTER! Too much?), but she wasn’t on the fast track to second-coming-stardom until our pals in Forks came calling. Now, she’s living the dream. Paps following her every move, hair and makeup at her beck and call…heck, she’s even taking MySpace default pics with KStew and Ashley Greene! 

Most recently, a fashionable Fanning touched down in Italy looking like Jenny Humprhey’s classier twin sister! This is a side of Dakota we couldn’t have imagined in Charlotte’s Web…or even last year’s Push (the preview for which, incidentally, ran before Twilight in both theaters and on DVD). She definitely owes her put together image to her newly acquired media-interest and owes her newly acquired media-interest to New Moon.

So Dakota, on behalf of Twi-hards everywhere, we here at ATWIM say ‘you’re welcome.’ Enjoy your time in the spotlight. We promise to embrace you as the vamp you are. And if you show up at one of the conventions, we’ll keep the Tom Cruise and Denzel Washington questions to a minimum. We might even overlook your involvement in Uptown Girls. We just ask one favor in return: don’t incapacitate us with Jane’s creepy mind power. We’re not immune to it like Bella. 

Ok, one Tom Cruise question: Could you ask him not to incapacitate us with his creepy mind power either?


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