Welcome to the Twilight Zone

During one of our frequent “just in case RPattz shows up” pub crawls (which have become more and more frequent—like every night frequent—now that New Moon has wrapped filming), Co-Creator A and I found ourselves mingling with the skinny jean-wearing crowd at a local dive bar, waiting for the band-of-the-night to come on stage.  With Co-Creator A wearing her usual KStew plaid and ’80s sunglasses and me looking like her Nikki Reed sidekick (I mean, you can never be too prepared when stalking Rob), I couldn’t help but notice that we weren’t the only ones in the crowd who resembled the Stephenie Meyer-imagined characters. (Though it’s safe to say we were the only ones doing it on purpose.)
My face went from confused Jasper to excited Alice when I noticed that beside me stood Laurent and across the room was Carlisle.  What were they doing there?! Especially when Canada is so far away! Their filming schedule certainly wouldn’t permit them the travel time.  But then it (breaking) dawned on me that the two were not who I’d thought they were, and I was quickly transported back to the real world. 

Since then, both Co-Creator A and I have continued to see our favorite Twilight characters around town.  Just the other day, Co-Creator A laid poolside next to Quil Ateara, and we both could have sworn that Charlie was buying wind chimes at a Saturday afternoon festival (and we thought he was only into sports and fishing!). 

Even though we know it’s all in our head, we will blissfully continue to pretend that we live in Forks, if only to find ourselves a Taylor Lautner look alike that’s a little closer to our own age.

That is, until we see the likeness of Renesmee.  That would totally freak us out.




Our version of Quil welcomes a break from the rainy LaPush weather.


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