Abs-olute Team Jacob

Hi. My name is Co-Creator M and I’m on Team Jacob (TJ).  It all started on January 2nd, 2009 when I saw Twilight for the first time.

I never wanted to be on TJ.  In fact, after reading Twilight I had no allegiance to any specific character.  I was simply in love with being in love.  As it turned out Jacob only got in the way of the fast track romance between Bella and Edward.  The pages where Jacob was written in were page turners.  Like real page turners.  I flipped as fast as I could to get back to whatever electric love connection Stephenie Meyer had dreamt up.  Bella and Edward. Rosalie and Emmett. Jasper and Alice. Carlisle and Esme.

But then I saw Twilight.  My gateway drug to TJ.  Of course there was no denying the big screen allure of Edward (or Jasper!! Did you see those curly locks and those smile with your eyes expressions?!), but once Jacob appeared at prom in his Urban Outfitters-chic attire it was all over.  It was right then and there I realized that no vampire would ever be the one for me.

Now, reader(s), I’ll be the first to admit that I’m TJ for purely selfish reasons.  For one, he’s hot.  I realize those on Team Edward claim the same thing, that he’s hot, too, but have they realized that’s it for him?  Edward will forever look the same.  He can’t cut his hair and he certainly can’t surprise us all with ripped abs like Jacob.  And speaking of those amazing abs, we get to look forward to a shirtless Jacob in the movies to come.  Edward? Nope. He’ll be wearing a gray shirt and navy jacket until the end of time.

Then there’s that love thing.  The thing I first fell in love with.  Jacob gets to do all the fun love things.  While Edward can write one hell of a piano love ballad, as a human, I’d be pretty bored of the talking, tired from walking without holding hands, and pretty damn annoyed with his pained expressions when he looked at me.  Bring out the intense make out seshes, dazzling smile, and abs (have I mentioned the abs?) of Jacob Black.

For those of you with me in our exclusive TJ community, the ones who have been here since the beginning, I’m urging you to leave the TJ v Team Edward power struggle alone.  Let Team Edward be the more powerful team.  TJ is threatened by the release of New Moon and the makeover of our leading man. The groupies will rush the red carpets in support of Taylor Lautner.  We must never let his star rise as high as Rob Patterson’s.  Then our perfect world of sweet, protective, hot Jacob will be tarnished with Perez reports that he doesn’t shower, fan photos of him drunk at a bar at 3am, and the overwhelming fear that he could one day be dating KStew.  Sorry Team Edward, that’s your reality.


2 Responses to “Abs-olute Team Jacob”

  1. I must agree with you M, I was Team Jacob even before I read the books; I saw the movie first and fell for Taylor over Robert. After reading the books mainly New Moon I was head over heels for this character. As was Stephenie Meyer or else she wouldn’t have made him such a big piece of the puzzle and God bless her for that. I too love Jacob Black!!!!

  2. I totally feel and understand your pain on this one; however, I was never on Team Edward. Even in Twilight, I always thought he was too-perfectly-annoying! While I would love to have someone that was that devoted and loved me that much, it would work my nerves! I can’t go out and be dangerous or just have a good time without him trying to perform super human techniques to save my life.. even when it isn’t in danger! And when I am puking in the bathroom, I really don’t want you there to hold my hair… even if you are my best girlfriend! Can I have some personal time please? I’m rambling.. but yeah, I have always been on TJ… It does suck though. Considering my 7 year old son is a fan of Shark Boy.. so awkward!!!! I’m 27 and crushing on the 17 yr old vs the 108 yer old.. or however old Edward is now. Who wants someone who could have performed your birth?!?!

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