Trash Talking

As many of you already know, a woman in St. Louis recently found the scripts to New Moon and Eclipse in a dumpster. (What said woman was doing rooting through the trash, we’re not entirely sure.) Anyhoo, she reportedly wrestled with the idea of sending them to a tabloid (and making zillions of bucks, no doubt), but decided to send the scripts back to Summit Entertainment, which will not confirm nor deny if the scripts are authentic until the films are released. To thank her for her honesty, Summit is sending her to the premieres of the films. LUCKY, JERK!!

This got us thinking: maybe it would pay off to start scouring dumpsters ourselves. We live in a town with a decent amount of location shooting (Ashton Kutcher’s here this month), so maybe we would luck into some Twi-swag ourselves. It doesn’t have to be a script, it could be a used Rosalie wig or one of the sticks K-Stew keeps up her rear end (BURN, Stewart!!)

Ok, that was gross, but let’s be honest: we’d spend a week up to our eyeballs in last week’s coffee grinds in exchange for a night on the red carpet with RPattz and Taylor Lautner!

(PS shouldn’t he have his own nickname at this point? We now dub him Tay-La! Feel free to help us start that trend!)


One Response to “Trash Talking”

  1. i think that Taylor dosent need a nick name, hes kool just the way he is. and maybe while we are diggin in the dumpsters we might find his number, and we cal call him!!! lol

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