Musical Influences

We’ve noticed that the cast of Twilight spends a lot their off-set time attending their friends’ concerts. First the entire cast went to see Jackson Rathbone’s band, 100 Monkeys play, then they all attended Nikki Reed’s BFF Dill’s show. And most recently, Rob and KStew went to see his buddy Sam Bradley play. While we’re sure that Vancouver is a hotbed of musical activity, we can’t help but wonder: would these bands all play Vancouver if not for their vampy friends?

Ok, so maybe Jackson Rathbone is a bad example, but in regards to Dill and Sam, it’s the perfect set up. Neither’s band is well known enough to fill a club on their own, but factor in the guaranteed appearance of Twilight stars and tickets will sell out in seconds! We wouldn’t pay much to see two people we’d never heard of perform, but we’d spend the last of our savings account to stand behind a wasted RPattz as he air guitars along or to watch Nikki and KStew drunkenly slur the words to their favorite unknown songs. 

Perhaps this is the key for all up-and-coming musicians: befriend a member of the Twilight cast and play hole in the wall clubs in Vancouver. Your popularity is sure to go through the roof. And once your club date sells out, make sure to record a song with RPattz. There’s a good chance you’ll land on the New Moon soundtrack and really take off.

(Note to our Atlanta readers: Rob’s pal Bobby Long is playing the Earl this summer. We’ll be front row center with our eyes peeled for a backstage creeping Cullen family member.)


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