Wolf Crush

My name is Co-Creator A. And I have a wolf crush.

I know, I know! It’s sacrilege to abandon my beautiful, perfect Edward, but Taylor Lautner makes a pretty convincing arguement. Now, I can’t speak for Co-Creator M (who, to be fair, has been Team Jacob from the get go…when she’s not Team Jasper, WTF?), but I have loved only Edward from the beginning (ok and Emmett, but whatevs). Despite Stephenie Meyer’s obvious attempts to make us all fall for Jake’s wolfy ways, I remained ever true to Edward, just as Bella did. (Except for that one stupid kiss. Seriously, Bella?) Not to mention, I’ve always thought Rob was way hotter than Taylor (possibly because he’s much closer to my age), but after last weeks’s Entertainment Tonight coverage, I am starting to answer the siren song of Team Taylor. 

From the moment he leapt off that porch calling Bella’s name in the New Moon footage, my heart was torn in two, and I finally understand Bella’s conundrum. Sure, sure, Edward is romantic and beautiful and completely devoted (with the obvious exception of the New Moon break-up), but have you seen Jacob’s abs? No really. Have you??

Not to mention, the casting of the rest of the pack is only making my wolf crushing more intense! All those very tan, very toned, super serious looking dudes? What’s not to like? Put them in formation behind Jake and it’s enough to raise MY temperature to 108! 

With this wolf crush comes intense excitement for New Moon. I will be honest, on my first reading, I hated New Moon. I thought it was a useless book that did nothing but make me long for Edward and wish I’d never left the comfort of Twilight. The second time I read it, I liked it a little better. Ditto the third. Last night, I finished it for the fourth time (I work from home, I have a lot of time on my hands) and I have to say, I was sad to put it down. Worse yet, I was sad to see Bella go to Italy, knowing it meant the end of her free and easy days with Jacob. (Though technically those ended after the three-way movie date night.) 

Now I’m left with the same hole Bella nursed in the book, though mine is empty for a wolf fix. How will I ever wait 7 months to see Summit’s interpretation of what has become my favorite of the four books? Maybe if *I* start doing crazy things, I will hear Taylor Lautner’s voice in my head. Or I could just watch Entertainment Tonight every night for the next 28 weeks and I’d probably get the same results.

I know it would be silly to reread the book every week until the movie comes out, but that doesn’t mean I’m not considering it.


2 Responses to “Wolf Crush”

  1. I totally agree with you!! The first time I read New Moon, I hated too, but now I’ve fell for Jake! *–* He’s so freaking cute and hot!! I wish Bella never went to Italy! By the way, I read some fanfictions, and I think you might like them, take a look in “Then Direct You Into My Arms” and “If You Twist And Turn Away”, they’re the most perfect ones!! You’ll love them!

  2. i am team jacob! ppl keep saying im team jacob because he is cute (HOT) but tht is kinda true but i am also on team jacob because my ma works in this selling thing and her job has teams… her team name is the wolf pack (the strength of the pack is the wolf and the strength of the wolf is the pack) since then i hav been in love with anything tht invovles wovles! then before i know it twilight comes out!!!! i saw the movie twilight and i hated it! not much wolfy but whatever. once i saw new moon i fell in love with the whole saga and i couldnt stop watching it! like i said my mom is in the wolf pack and am true and loyal to my pack!
    I hate vampires actually i DESPISE them!!!! no offense for u vampire fans out there, my step father told me werewolves are stronger then vampires before the movie came out! when i saw new moon towars the ending when jacob was in the road wanting to talk to edward and jacob turned into a werewolf edward look scared like he was gonna faint im just sayin so edward fans watch the movie again and see what u think, he looked paralized -.- but TJ is gaining A LOT more ppl and even ppl who say they dont like twilight!!!!!

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