Welcome, Twihards! We the co-creators of Awesome Teen Magazine (A and M, respectively) have become intense Twilight fans ourselves, and thus, we decided to stop forcing it down the literary throats of our ATM readers, and instead, channel it into this, our all-Twilight, all-the-time blog (insert cheers of jubilation here).

As our inaugural post, we thought we’d address a pressing issue that is weighing heavily on all of our minds: that other “Twi”-word, Twitter. We, like you, discovered the joys of Twitter long ago (ok, not THAT long ago, but way before Demi and Ashton, anyway!), and once we were comfortable with our celeb-friending status (100 and counting!) we did a little search for Twilight movie saga cast members. A quick perusal turned up KStew, four Nikki Reed accounts, Kellan Lutz (mmm, Emmett), Ashley Greene and a curious account by the name of “FakeRPatzPenis.” (We’re pretty sure that last one was a hoax.)

With our following caps on and our celeb-Tweet-reading eyes peeled, we sat back and waited for info that could prove any of the above were the real deal. After several posts instructing fans to visit her MySpace page, we were pretty sure Kristin Stewart’s account was official, but operated by an assistant or something. (Not that KStew’s Tweets would be much more interesting than that, bah.) However, it was later confirmed on a rival Twi-site that KStew did not have Twitter or MySpace and that we’d been hoaxed. Then Kellan Lutz started talking. A lot. He flirts constantly with “Ashley Greene” (what happened to Annalynne MccWHOREd??) and spends countless hours talking about gummy bears and smiles. None of this sounds like our Emmett, but the jury is still out. Ditto for Ashley Greene, who spends all of HER time tweeting back to Kellan Lutz. Hmmm…

That brings us to our favoritest Twi-itterer (awesomeTradeMark): Nikki Reed. We’ll be honest, Rosalie is one of our least favorite characters, but Nikki Reed might single-handedly change that opinion. We started out thinking that Nikki’s Twitter account was a phony. She was mentioning KStew a little too often and always saying things about “them” finding her out and “getting into trouble on here.” We thought it all sounded a little fishy. But then she said that her Blackberry had been hijacked by Taylor Lautner and he started writing things. We had to admit, we were intrigued. Then she began telling us where Jackson Rathbone’s band was playing around Vancouver. Then, she cryptically told us something we’ve been waiting to hear for months: the whole “family” was back together to film a very important scene. (We’re thinking Bella’s bday, duh!) She also threw in a very funny “Hale hale the gang’s all here or would it be Hales Cullens the gang’s all here” and made us love her even more!

Now, she claims that no one else in the cast has Twitter, but that same day Kellan was saying stuff about filming the birthday scene, so it’s a tough call. If any of you Twiabetics has any inside info about the validity of Twi-itter accounts, let us know!! We’ll send you a button or something!

In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye on all of the accounts for important clues. And if that means closely monitoring FakeRPatzPenis, well then that’s just what we’ll have to do!


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