I’m Just Mad About Twilight

ptru1-5783882dtAs some of you may know, faithful reader(s), this weekend was to be a banner one. Sure sure, we had a great time with pre-St. Patty’s Day festivities and general merriment, but the real excitement stemmed from what was to be an epic Sunday evening. According to several reliable Internet sources, Sunday was the official release date of the Twilight board game. (If you didn’t already know about it, you’re welcome.) We couldn’t think of a better way to combine two of our favorite passions: game night and Twilight. Throw in our third passion—alcohol—and you’ve got what could be the best drinking game since the Twilight movie drinking game! (Note: the board game is recommended for ages 10 and up. Drinking is not.)

So, ever the Twihards, Co-Creators A and M grabbed their Sunday morning tacos, threw on their rain boots (the ATL was looking uncannily like Forks this weekend…clearly somebody up there is a Twilight fan) and headed to Wal-Mart in search of this holy grail of board games. A thorough scouring of the aisle revealed that the game was not in stock. While we were briefly saddened by this revelation, we brightened at the notion that we now had a fantastic excuse for our favorite and most dangerous Sunday afternoon activitiy: a  trip to Target.

With all the anticipation of Bella on the Isle of Esme (we’re not giving anything away with that, new readers!) we headed to our local Target to find, to paraphrase Bono, what we were looking for. And while we did some serious damage to the clothing and home decor departments, we were crestfallen when we arrived in the toy department to the same Twilight-less scene.

Always the instigator, Co-Creator A decided to Twi, Twi, Twi again (sorry, that one made even us cringe) and called every Toys ‘R’ Us within an hour of the metro area. NOTHING! It was like trying to find a Cullen in LaPush! What gives?!

Well dear reader(s), we don’t have an answer for that question. As best we can tell, the delivery date on toysrus.com has been pushed back to March 20, but none of the employees in stores seem able to confirm that. The whole episode has been even more disappointing than Kristen Stewart’s acting skills (BURN, Stewart!!). But never fear, fellow Twi-abetics (we’re so trademarking that one!), we will keep you posted on this mystery. If we have to call every board game selling venue on the eastern seaboard, we will do it, because that’s just how devoted we are to you. And to answering questions about Edward. Mmm, Edward.

Editors’ Note: If the non-release of the board game left you feeling like Bella was when Sam found her in the woods, don’t fret! DVD release parties are taking place all over the country this Friday/Saturday. The Twi-ly anticipated (we’ll stop now) DVD goes on sale Saturday at 12:01am. If you’re in Atlanta, join us at the Brookhaven Blockbuster for a huge event complete with a blood drive (lock up the non-’vegetarians’) and thousands of your fellow Twihards! Plus, we’ll be handing out a little surprise to some of the best dressed (Alice look out!). Nothing to wear? Rush order your own ATM Twilight shirt!  And if you’re not in the ATL, follow the whole event via Twitter!


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